New to Blu: August 24 – 30

Eddie The Eagle enjoys a beautiful digitally sourced 2.39:1 108op transfer. Detail is abundant throughout the entire run of the film …

“Colours tend to skew towards the warmer golden tones, and at times can throw off the flesh tones a bit.”

“Some of the CGI and/or green screen material looks pretty soft when compared to the bulk of the presentation, but that tends to be the exception.

“Contrast is strong, the palette looks healthy and there are no problems with image instability or compression anomalies.”

“As for the film’s DTS-HD MA 7.1 soundtrack, it remained suitable for the story. Much of the movie concentrated on general atmosphere, but music used the various channels well, and the soundfield brought ski-jumping scenes to life.

“Though the soundscape didn’t excel, it added occasional pep to the proceedings.”

Midnight Special looks fantastic. For various plot reasons, a large portion of the film takes place at night or in extremely dim and dark indoor conditions. Thankfully, this transfer is able to handle these dark moments masterfully as the sense of detail and dimension is never lost.”

“For something photographed in 35mm Panavision, Midnight Special‘s 2.38:1, 1080p Blu-ray transfer does look conspicuously clean, but ‘scope photography tends to de-emphasise film grain, anyway (plus it’s common for denoising to be part of the DI process now), and the naturalistic exposures betray the celluloid origin of the image.”

“The DTS-HD Master Audio track doesn’t possess a consistent rush of noteworthy moments, but it comes through whenever there’s a gunshot, a crashed car, or an energy pulse that needs emphasis.”

Also new are Dad’s Army (“looks crisp and sharp, evoking the period without any issues”),  The Angry Birds Movie (“flings itself onto Blu-ray looking just as we’d thought it would – perfect“), SherpaExcess FishBastille DayMythica: A Quest for Heroes and The Hudsucker Proxy (“the HD transfer is immaculate, allowing a fine appreciation of the film’s rich visual designs and refined special effects”).

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