New to Blu: August 29 – September 4



➢ “Gringo arrives on Blu-ray with a well-rounded digitally sourced 1080p transfer. Universal’s presentation is not necessarily a standout, but it delivers essentials with agreeable screen presence. Details are consistently crisp. Facial textures, clothes, environments — whether sharply appointed offices, cramped spaces, shoddy hotels, restaurants, anywhere and everywhere the film goes, from snowy Chicago to blisteringly hot Mexico — each prove pleasantly revealing and about as complex as one could want on this format.” —

➢ “Gringo on Blu-ray, like the film, is good not great. A good display of fine details, strong use of colours, with cooler, bluer colours for the city (Chicago), warmer with oranges, reds, greens and yellows for the locations south of the border. While there is good detail and effective colour balance, there’s no pop. Some scenes appear soft (could be by design, but doesn’t really seem like it), and some of the lowlight scenes wobble.” — Home Theater Forum.

➢ “The DTS HD track does well for the film too since this one is particularly busy. Vocals are fine and clear, but there’s plenty of action here that rises to the occasion. There are gunshots, car chases and all kinds of things that keep us involved. The track stays active and involving to make this one a winner.” — DVD Authority.

Hurricane Heist

➢ “The colour palette of the film is mostly dark and gloomy, due to the hurricane storm that happens in the film … Still, these colours are well balanced and look accurate … Black levels are deep and the skin tones are mostly natural. Detail is sharp and vivid and showcases good facial features, practical makeup effects such as scars and wounds, along with wardrobe stitching.” — High-Def Digest.

“Given the film’s almost relentless grading toward grays, slates and cool blues, detail levels are continually impressive throughout this presentation … Fine detail on faces really pops impressively in a number of close-ups.” —

● The week’s only other newcomer on Blu-ray is season three of Narcos.

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