New to Blu: December 12 – 18


Westworld – Season Two: The Door

➢ “For its presentation in Ultra HD Westworld Season Two was rendered from a 2K DI and up-converted to 4K. Westworld is a sci-fi drama that adheres to relatively cooler chromatic schemes, with the exception of sequences that call for richer colour to provide thematic emphasis, which doesn’t make for especially eye-catching levels of colour, but this Ultra HD rendering makes the most of its elements.” — AVS Forum.

➢ “The use of HDR is much MUCH improved here, as the blacks are no longer great, they are absolutely fantastic. You can see every bit of shadow detail available, and the amount of clarity (both in daylight and dark shots) is mind blowing. Comparing them to the Blu-ray discs in this set shows great improvement in nuanced textures but also a sharp difference in how rich the colours are on screen.” — AV Nirvana.

➢ “Just as stylised as the previous season switching between hardened futuristic laboratories and rustic old west locations, the series is bright, bold, colourful and very well detailed. Fine facial features come through with great clarity while clothing details shine – especially as the show moves from the old west to ‘other worlds’.” — High-Def Digest.

Crazy Rich Asians

➢ “The image on Warner’s 1080p, AVC-encoded Blu-ray is exceptional, with superb clarity, sharpness and detail and a velvety texture that makes the most of the film’s luxuriously coloured production design and eye-popping locations. Blacks are dark and deep, colours are richly saturated.” —

➢ “Visual quality is excellent, with rich, bright colours highlighting the party scenes and particularly the vibrant costumes. Colour palette on the wedding scene is more muted, and interior scenes reflect elaborate detail in the homes. Sound is well balanced with dialogue easily heard over ambient noise and music.” — The Digital Bits.

➢ “Blacks are punchy and stand out when onscreen with mixed content. Visual perspective in low lighting and darkened areas is estimable. The combination gives dark scenes appreciable depth. Images are boldly colourful, film like and perfectly suited for the source material.” — AVS Forum.

● Also new on 4K-UHD and Blu-ray are A Simple Favor and The Predator (as well as a franchise box set on both formats), plus on Blu-ray: 

  • Working Class BoyThe Merger and Lazer Team 2 
  • re-issues of Heaven’s BurningRazorbackEl CidDay of the DeadSingle White Female and Emmanuelle 1 & 2
  • Pokemon the Movie: The Power of UsTeen Titans Go! To the Movies and RWBY – Volume 5.
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2 Responses to “New to Blu: December 12 – 18”

  1. Westworld Season 2 according to and imdb both say it’s in native 2160p. Is there some incorrect information somewhere?

  2. Clearly someone’s confused. Occasionally even authoritative sites disagree over specs. One of the best sources is Real 4K vs Fake 4K ( but its latest update doesn’t include Westworld S2.

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