New to Blu: December 6 – 12


Despite being American made, American Made lands here on Blu-ray and 4K-UHD a month ahead of the US and two weeks earlier than the UK.

Extras include deleted scenes, filmmaker thoughts on the appeal and importance of their movie, star Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman discussing the making of American Made (as well as the aerial stunts), three of the cast discussing their characters, and a behind-the-scenes look at production.

47 Meters Down arrives with a solid – if slightly problematic – 2.40:1 1080p transfer,” High-Def Digest said.

The primary issue with this transfer is some compression artifacts most visible around lights in dark underwater sequences. You get a notable amount of ringing and pixelation. What’s there isn’t terrible, it never pulls you out of the action or is ever too distracting, but it’s a notable presence just the same.

“47 Meters Down‘s DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track gets off to a walloping good start with pulses of LFE that reverberate incredibly strongly,” said.

The more cloistered underwater material still has good surround presence, but is understandably a bit more tamped down. With an understanding that a lot of the film contains dialogue spoken by characters in scuba gear, everything is rendered surprisingly cleanly and clearly.

The Girl With All the Gifts comes to Blu-ray complete with a strong 1080p/AVC-encoded high definition video presentation,” AVForums said.

Although the presentation displays largely excellent detail on close-ups, and affords the picture some rich textures and strong shadow detail courtesy of black levels that seldom betray any crush, there is nonetheless a slightly softer edge to some of the shots, particularly on exteriors around the base camp, perhaps designed to lend the film a more futuristic bent that fuels its post-apocalyptic vibe.

“A lot of the film plays out in rather subdued shades of green, yellow and tan, and even some of the gore (and there is gore in this film) doesn’t totally exploit vividly saturated hues,” said.

‘The 1080p presentation of The Expanse outdoes its broadcast counterpart in just about every way,” High-Def Digest said.

Detail is top-notch. Close-up shots are absolutely chock-full of fine detail. Mid- and long-range shots are just as detailed and revealing. The special effects are great too. That’s the real standout piece of this series. The special effects look cinematic. Here the high definition only enhances the graphics and doesn’t call attention to any hokey, low-budget stuff.

Season 10 of Doctor Who goes on sale here later than other markets but at least is being released in “complete” form rather than two volumes.

Said “The bulk of the imagery, especially scenes with no special effects involved, offer superb sharpness and clarity, and generally excellent detail and fine detail levels.”

Also new are Hunter’s Prayer (“looks natural overall, with good saturation”), WWE: 1997: Dawn Of The AttitudeAdventure Time – The Complete Seventh Season and K: Return of Kings Season 2.

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3 Responses to “New to Blu: December 6 – 12”

  1. I got series 10 of Doctor Who from Amazon UK, it’s an excellent series. In fact, I think one of the better ones, especially of Peter Capaldi. I even liked Bill Potts whom I thought I was going to find annoying. Anyhow, onto the Christmas special when Jodie Whittaker takes over, I hope she is a funny Doctor, I think Doctor Who needs more humour :)

  2. Producers of American Made overcooked the period look. 47 Meters Down looked ok, sounded great but overall one of the dumber shark movies, a sequel is in the works lol. The Expanse was good, series 2 soon?

  3. If you guys love the movie Carrie you should definitely get this. I have got mine on pre-order with Amazon UK, why does New Zealand miss out on the best Blu-rays? :)

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