New to Blu: December 7 – 13

Superheroes abound on Blu-ray this week, from an extended cut of Suicide Squad in 2D, 3D and 4K editions (although the extra footage is limited to 2DBD only) to a slew of Marvel and DC TV series.

Also new are seasons one of Outcast and three of Penny Dreadful, a special edition of Mad Max: Fury Road, and box sets of Mad Max and Jason Bourne (the latest instalment of which includes a 4K release, too).

The full slate, with selected critics’ thoughts on PQ:

Suicide Squad (“outstanding, top notch audio and video presentations and a slew of extras”)

Jason Bourne (“grain can be a little thick, but it’s evenly distributed and the transfer enjoys a quality filmic appearance”)

The BFG (“a gorgeously rendered presentation”)

Sausage Party (“the colours in the film are vibrant and reproduced faithfully while the black levels are consistent”)

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (“sharpness is outstanding and colour is bold and beautifully contained with vibrant skin tones”)

The Phenom (“anomalies in image and sound appear to result from directorial choices”)

Jessica Jones: The Complete First Season

Daredevil: The Complete First Season (“a beautiful 1.78:1 1080p presentation for all 13 episodes”)

Agent Carter: The Complete First Season (“very impressive and fits in well within the Marvel oeuvre”)

DC’S Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete First Season (“the video transfer is serviceable, but clearly suffers due to the insane amount of compression“)

Penny Dreadful: The Final Season (“an upper-tier 1080p transfer that offers a healthy improvement over a good, but hardly notable, second season presentation”)

Outcast: Season 1

Mad Max: Fury Road: Black & Chrome Edition

Mad Max: High-Octane Collection

Bourne: The Ultimate 5 Movie Collection.

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8 Responses to “New to Blu: December 7 – 13”

  1. I notice The Avengers TV show is being released on DVD in New Zealand but not on Blu-ray, I hope there is a good reason why … I actually have got season 5 of The Avengers Blu-ray on its way from Amazon UK :)

  2. Afraid it’s a matter of economics, Trevor. The local market’s not big enough to support the sizeable Bu-ray release of a niche title.

  3. AW, that’s sad Philip, the Avengers Blu-ray is amazing going by the reviews I have read :)

  4. The UK StudioCanal Avengers s05 has to be better than the awful US Lionsgate version! That has mediocre picture – the whole season is crammed onto 3 discs vs 7 for the UK. Sound is poor – lossy Dolby Digital in fake 5.1.

  5. Yes, I noticed that, what a poor way to treat a classic show, I have got mine from Amazon UK so I get to watch it properly, just wish it would hurry up :)

  6. Yay, my Avengers Blu-ray arrived from Amazon UK today and having watched disc 1 I’m totally blown away by how amazing it looks in HD, the colours are so bright at times it stuns the eyeballs and it also includes fun extras :)

  7. Great to hear, Trevor. Thanks for the follow-up.

  8. I love it so much Philip I have now got series 6 of The Avengers Blu-ray on order with Amazon UK, I wonder if there are any plans for The New Avengers :)

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