New to Blu: February 29-March 6

The Anne Hathaway romance, One Day, is the week’s only new Blu-ray release but overlooked from last week was season six of Weeds.

“From a design standpoint, One Day is remarkable and, most of the time, the video quality shows it.”

“While not the sharpest presentation around, the encode’s grainy, filmic faithfulness shouldn’t be undervalued and Universal’s devotion to the film’s source and Benoît Delhomme’s photography is the highpoint of the release.”

Season six of Weeds is the latest to get a post-SoHo release.

Season one was released on Blu-ray three years ago but seasons 2-5 were DVD-only — until Sony Pictures Home entertainment offered them as Blu-ray exclusives to JB Hi-Fi after SoHo launched with season six in HD.

They’ve since gone wide but season six is another JB Hi-Fi exclusive.

“The production of the series seems to have gotten stronger with each passing season and likewise so have the Blu-ray releases.

“Season Six’s AVC/MPEG-4 1080p encoding looks just about as good as can get for a series captured in HD.”

“From sharp, accurate blacks, to gorgeous bright colours, including perfect, non-fuzzy reds, this release is almost pure candy, with amazingly sharp details and fantastic textures to boot.”

Season seven has just gone on sale in the US but if you can’t wait for its local launch, don’t rush to import it unless you have a multi-zone Blu-ray player as the discs probably are regionally coded (like seasons 4-6).

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One Response to “New to Blu: February 29-March 6”

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    February 29, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    I know One Day has its critics but I actually quite liked it and Anne Hathaway’s English accent is fine … take that snobby English critics 🙂

    PS: looking forward to the Blu-ray 🙂

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