New to Blu: February 8 – 14


This week’s top two releases are well worth gushing over: Hell or High Water and The Light Between Oceans.

Said High-Def Digest of the Oscar-nominated western: “The majority of the image here is a joy to view – full of sharp images and considerable depth, well-defined facial features, and some wonderful colours throughout – despite the earth-tone look of much of the movie.

“Noise is never an issue, either, even in many of the movie’s darker sequences, where black levels prove to be pretty solid.”

“Detail is impressive throughout,” AVForums observed, “with a rich texture pervading the piece, lapping up the close-ups of weathered visages, and the long shots of dusty towns and wide open vistas.

“The sun-drenched Texas locales are rendered with a suitably warm colour scheme, running slightly hot but giving the scenery a more scorched feel, whilst black levels deliver strong shadow detail.”

“Like most modern thrillers, this one opted for stylised hues, with an emphasis on teal and amber/orange,” DVD Movie Guide said. “Within those constraints, the colours seemed fine; they showed appropriate range.

“Blacks were dark and full, and shadows showed good range. This was a consistently fine presentation.”

The Light Between Oceans‘ 1080p transfer is excellent all-around,” said, “with only a couple of very minor drawbacks: noise that spikes in lower light and black levels that could stand to darken up a bit.”

“Colour is magnificently controlled with many views of sun-dappled seas and the black and white striped lighthouse in relief against blue-gray skies astonishing in their power,” was Home Theater Forum’s verdict.

“Skin tones are nicely rendered as well. Black levels are excellent, and contrast has been consistently maintained.”

Extras include a commentary that surprised High-Def Digest by teaming director Derek Cianfrance with his film professor Phil Solomon, Professor of Film Studies at University of Colorado Boulder.

“The relationship between them provides a great platform for them to sit and discuss the movie and its technical details. This is much more compelling than the standard lone director commentary.”

Blu-ray-com reckons Keeping Up With The Joneses has a “nice organic looking texture and excellent depth” while Home Theater Forum praised its excellent sharpness, realist colour and “very believable” skin tones.

Also new are Ouija 2: Origin of Evil, Take DownFear The Walking Dead – The Complete Second Season, Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Complete SeriesMiss Hokusai and Live From South Africa: Dust & Thunder.

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  1. Hell or High Water was one of the best films I saw last year, the US BD looks superb, hopefully the local release will be good, too.

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