New to Blu: January 11 – 17


Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children this week finds a home on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and 4K/UHD Blu-ray.

“The results are generally splendid looking,” said of the Blu-ray, “though this is one of the more curiously restrained outings from Tim Burton and cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel in either man’s filmography.”

It thought the 3D post-conversion has “decent and at times in fact substantial dimensionality” while the UHD presentation offers “nice if sometimes subtle uptick in detail levels from the 1080p Blu-ray version, with a number of textures in clothing, fabrics (like the couch in the psychiatrist’s office) and even facial pores having new precision in this iteration.”

But High-Def Digest calls the UHD release a “marked improvement” over the Blu-ray.

“The freshly-minted, digital-to-digital transfer shows extraordinarily sharp, detailed lines along the furniture, Miss Peregrine’s Victorian home and the surrounding foliage.

“Viewers can plainly make out the threading in the intricate clothing of both the children and Miss Peregrine, and individual leaves of trees are razor-sharp and pointed.

“Striking lifelike textures reveal the tiniest scar, wrinkle and blemish in the natural, appropriate facial complexions.”

Also new on UHD this week is X-Men: First Class, which DVD Talk points out “is actually an upscale.

“While the HEVC/H.265/2.35:1/2160p image offers some subtle upgrades over the Blu-ray, there is not much benefit to upgrading to Ultra HD solely for the picture.”

DVD Talk was more impressed with the “rock solid” Blu-ray quality of Blood Father. “Detail is typically excellent as is texture and there’s plenty of depth and dimensionality to the picture throughout. Colours generally look really good as well.”

Rounding out the week are Outlaws and AngelsMasterminds and Gridlocked (“detail, blacks and shadow detail are very good, brightness and contrast consistent, skin tones generally natural”).

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  1. Picture and sound are the best things about the otherwise boring Miss Peregrine. Another stinker from Time Burton.

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