New to Blu: January 25 – 31


The Girl on the Train and Blair Witch are the week’s only new Blu-ray arrivals.

As well as boasting first-class tech specs, The Girl on the Train comes with a director’s commentary, 17 minutes of deleted scenes and two making-of shorts.

The Girl on the Train is a rare breed these days, a recent release shot on film,” says. “And the results are splendid.

“While the image appears mildly desaturated and tweaked by intent — a bit cold and empty in places, a little tinted golden in others — there’s no mistaking its accuracy and balance within its depicted parameters.”

“The world depicted in The Girl on the Train is wintry and cold, with a muted colour palette made of dim interiors and hazy memories,” High-Def Digest says.

“It’s no HD demo material in the traditional sense, but it definitely offers a handsome picture with an excellent sense of resolution.”

The US release comes with a DTS: X and 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio options but ours is limited to 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio only.

Blair Witch’s 1.85:1/1080p/AVC-encoded image, with its DSLR and drone-footage elements, “looks good overall,” DVD Talk says.

“The image is sharp and detailed, with lifelike skin tones and appropriately saturated colours. Fine-object detail is notable, and wider, scenic shots are impressively deep.”

“Video is occasionally problematic,” says, “but audio is superb.”

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11 Responses to “New to Blu: January 25 – 31”

  1. I’m kind of off topic but I JUST wondered how many people buy Blu-rays from Amazon UK? I have been buying heaps of TV shows lately and wondered why I haven’t done it earlier, it’s wonderful :)

  2. Sure is, Trevor, especially given the current exchange rate. A couple of years ago Amazon UK offered free shipping to NZ and that was a great deal while it lasted. Moreover, as you know, many series aren’t released here on Blu-ray, from vintage shows like The Avengers to one as recent as Victoria.

  3. Yes, they certainly release a better selection of Blu-rays in the UK than here in New Zealand and are way better priced even with the kiwi dollar, so happy we have the same region code as the UK as well :)

  4. I buy a lot of Blu-rays from overseas — US, UK and Australia. Pricing for Blu-rays from these countries is generally a lot less than NZ prices.

  5. Hi Philip. We just watched the 2nd episode of Homeland on SoHo and most of the time actors’ mouths were moving but there was no sound coming out. There was music in the background though. Were you aware of this? If not could you ask Sky about this. Thanks, Mark

  6. No, that’s news to me, Mark. I recorded the 8.30 Monday broadcast and although I haven’t watched it in its entirety, I’ve just fast-forwarded it to test enough scenes to confidently say it’s not an issue. No doubt you’ve set up your MySky to record Monday’s 7.30 re-run. Let me know if it happens again; in the meantime, I’ll ask Sky (although given Monday’s a holiday in Auckland, don’t expect a response until Tuesday). Was it the 8.30 Monday broadcast you recorded?

  7. Sky posted something on their SoHo page the other day about it. They had audio issues with the episode but they were fixed for subsequent airings and on-demand.

  8. I just saw this on the Sky facebook page. That is good news.

  9. Hardly buy any BDs from overseas now, those that do get bought are usually because the local version has major features missing from US/UK releases, eg. NZ Man of Steel lost the 2nd disc interactive commentary, NZ John Wick got bad picture and crummy sound instead of the US full-blown Atmos soundtrack.

  10. The latest example of that is the 4K-UHD release of The Magnificent Seven in the UK, which comes with a bonus Blu-ray disc of extras for less than the RRP for the NZ release.

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