New to Blu: January 26-February 1

Hi-def diehards won’t feel cheated by the transfer for the week’s Blu-ray highlight, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. dubbed it “simply gorgeous” and “entirely filmic and natural, with an exceptionally fine grain structure and a sense of clarity that’s rarely short of exemplary”.

High-Def Digest wasn’t quite as ecstatic but acknowledged, “For the most part, Wall Street looks fantastic”, while DVD Beaver pointed out: “This Blu-ray won’t be a demo for your system and is fairly tame visually-speaking but as a representation of the theatrical intent – it seems authentic to Stone’s intent.”

Extras include a director’ commentary, a roundtable chat featuring Stone and his cast, 15 deleted scenes and a making-of hour.

Critics agreed Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s HD specs were, well, wimpy, with Home Theater Forum best summing up the mixed results: “It’s certainly an immaculate transfer as it should be taken from such a recent source, but one is a bit disappointed that this is merely a good rather than a great video encode.”

The week’s only other new Blu-ray releases are the Romans-at-war adventure, Centurion, and Deadliest Catch: The Complete Sixth Season.

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