New to Blu: July 15-21

There’s scant that’s new to soak up this week on Blu-ray: the direct-to-disc Maggie and school holiday hit Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out of Water are the sole newcomers.

Maggie is being dumped here without a theatrical release and none of the extras on the US disc, which included a director’s commentary.

Maggie lurches to Blu-ray with a heavily stylised yet good-looking AVC-encoded transfer that augment the film’s dreary tenor.

“Contrast is very low-key and muted but on the whole, well-balanced and consistent, creating a very somber, grayish tone that’s sustained throughout. The overall palette is also drained and faded.”

“This is a very interesting looking film a lot of the time, achieved through typical means like colour grading (including color stripping), but also the addition of digital grain.

“The entire film often has a kind of smoky and hazy ambience, and with the overlay of a somewhat mottled looking grain field, detail can be mitigated, especially in dark and aggressively graded sequences.”

“There’s really no use of any bright colour in the movie – ever. If you’re looking for bright yellow hues, glorious reds or anything of the like you’ll need to look elsewhere … Having said that, the sheer look and feel of the film are second to none.  Detail is amazing.”

“Judging by the look of the main menu, which presents a highlight reel of some of the film’s finest 3D moments, it was easy to predict that The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water would be a high end 3D experience, and the main movie doesn’t disappoint.

“The image yields incredible depth and volume across all three areas of focus: its live action pieces, the intermixing CGI, and the traditional underwater animation.”

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  1. I have the US 3D version of the Spongebob movie and the 3D quality is excellent.

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