New to Blu: July 29-August 4

One of the year’s most acclaimed horror movies bows on Blu-ray the same week as zombie series Z Nation.

It Follows features a gorgeous 1080p transfer. The digital photography never feels glossy or flat, soaking up detail and colour and spitting them back out with practically faultless precision. Image clarity is outstanding.”

“The amount of detail and depth to the image is simply wonderful, especially for a movie that was made on such a relatively low budget.

“However, the video is not flawless. There is a great amount of panning shots by the filmmaker in the movie, and a number of them feature noticeable aliasing in the image if one is looking carefully, particularly on houses or other stationary objects as the camera pans across or past them.”

“The 5.1 DTS-HD master audio similarly delights, as the creative sound design captivates without drowning out certain elements.

“Volume levels may be a tad different from what they were theatrically, but they serve the material well, with the viewer easily being able to fall under the movie’s spell without having to keep reaching for the remote.”

The NZ release comes with the same critics’ commentary track as the US whereas the UK version substitutes one with a British journalist and academic.

The week’s only other post-theatrical release is the comedy, Get Hard.

“C’mon, it’s a big-budget studio comedy fresh out of theaters; of course Get Hard looks phenomenal in high-def.

“Culled from its 2K digital intermediate, this presentation is superhumanly sharp and overflowing with detail.

“For a straightahead 2D disc, there’s plenty of depth and dimensionality on display here, and its palette is often bright and vivid enough to pop off the screen too.”

“The lossless 5.1 audio, with a lot of popular tunes on the soundtrack, is clean and immersive as well. We’re treated to a number of featurettes, which are mostly raw footage of the actors improvising on set.”

Going direct to disc are Hit by LightningStandby and Justice League: Gods & Monsters (“its video presentation is striking but predictably problematic, its DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track delivers, and its supplemental package has several interesting documentaries”).

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