New to Blu: July 3 – 9


➢ “Us makes its Blu-ray debut with a pleasing 1080p transfer. It’s true to its digital roots, offering a steady, stable textural output and well-rounded colours. The picture reveals tightly defined skin textures with ease, finding pores, lines, scruff, and scars with commendable complexity and just about as much sharpness as the 1080p resolution allows.” —

➢ “Fine lines in the clothing, furniture, and surrounding foliage are razor sharp for the most part, and objects in the background are plainly visible … Facial complexions are highly-revealing with lifelike textures, laying bare every pore, minor blemish, and whisker during close-ups.” — High-Def Digest.

King of Thieves

➢ “The AVC encoded image (2.39:1 aspect ratio) presentation leads with detail, providing a sharp viewing experience that carefully examines aging lead actors … Colours are appealing … Skin tones are natural. Delineation is acceptable. Banding is periodically detected.” —

➢ “Shot digitally, King of Thieves is presented in ‘scope format and, as with the DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio, up to contemporary standards … The lone extra is a brief (about 12 minutes) making-of featurette, with sound bites from members of the cast and crew.” — DVD Talk.

The Prodigy 

➢ “For the most part, sharpness seemed good. A smidgen of softness cropped up on occasion, but not to a notable degree. Overall clarity remained solid … Like virtually all modern horror flicks, Prodigy went with a stylised palette. We got a chilly teal feel combined with some amber tones, so don’t expect anything dynamic.” —  DVD Movie Guide.

➢ “The DTS HD Master Audio soundtrack has … a very wide dynamic range and the score really adds to the depth and dimension during a few key sequences. Vocals are pure and rich. It’s a good-sounding track that fits nicely within its genre.” — Blu-ray Authority.

Five Feet Apart

➢ “Captured with Arri Amiras and finished at a 2K DI, this is a generally sharp and well detailed looking transfer, though as can tend to be the case with digital capture, lighting conditions can materially alter fine detail. A lot of the film takes place inside (and in fact, in a hospital), and some of the dimmer, sometimes blue graded, material, can look a bit softer than other, more brightly lit moments.” —

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