New to Blu: June 1 – 7

Deadpool looks terrific. Resolution and available details are sharp. Colours are vivid at times, especially Deadpool’s suit and all the blood. Fiery explosions also look pretty darn good. Black levels and shadow details are strong, while skin-tones and highlights are accurate.”

“The Blu-ray looks fantastic virtually every step of the way, and one of the clearest indications of its level of detail and resolution is in Deadpool’s suit itself. This is one superhero outfit that has seen some wear and tear, and everything from the rubbery texture of the spandex to its smudges, fraying and other signs of intense use are put on regular display.”

“The DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 sound mix offers an expansive and immersive experience with all of the quip-laden dialogue expertly recorded and placed in the center channel while the surrounds hold much of the pop tunes and Tom Holkenborg’s background score mixed along with the multi-directional pans and atmospheric effects one expects in a modern superhero film.”

Room displays a modern image shot with more of a classic film style as opposed to an HD boosted colourfest. With the initial setting in, of course, a single room, lighting can be controlled entirely and it enables the crisp, sharp image to thrive.

“Light or dark, the presentation here remains full of detail, with sharp edges and lots of luscious colour dotted (though sometimes sparingly) around the otherwise drab room.”

“The palette is appropriately muted, but a few colours, such as the bold primaries of the Lego blocks, possess some pop, and detail levels acorss the board are strong. Blacks are rich and deep, whites are crisp, and flesh tones remain true and stable throughout. Some crush creeps into view during some low-light stretches in the film’s first half, but that’s understandable given the nature of the environment.”

“The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack offers a strong mix of well recorded dialogue (with finely modulated looping that is indistinguishable from the direct recording) and some occasional directionalized vocal effects that give nice dimension to the narrative moments of the picture.”

The Choice is another incredibly scenic tour through some evocative North Carolina locations, and director Ross Katz and cinematographer Alar Kivilo make the most of gorgeous scenes of beautiful waterways and tall marshy grasslands waving hypnotically in the breeze.”

“Only a smidgen of softness ever cropped up here, mainly in some low-light shots. Otherwise, the movie showed nice clarity and delineation.

“Jagged edges and moiré effects failed to appear, and edge haloes remained absent.”

“Dialogue comes through crystal clear and keeps to the front/centre channels. Side and rear channels are reserved for the score by Marcelo Zarvos and some background atmospherics and sound effects.”

Steve Jobs is the product of three distinct video sources: 16mm and 35mm film and digital video, all of which are, for the most part, evenly dispersed throughout the movie in three large segments …

“The visual variations certainly help the film’s tonal presentation, and Blu-ray handles each unique flavour very well.”

“The presentation allows each era and each image source to shine in demo glory, with few, if any, defects to impinge upon your viewing pleasure and much to marvel at across the runtime.”

Steve Jobs is presented in an English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix (avg 3.8 mbps, going up to 5.2 mbps in the big scenes), along with English and French DTS 5.1 mixes and an English DVS 2.0 mix. This is a far more active mix than I would have expected.”

How to Be Single  looks pretty darn great on Blu-ray. The big draw of this film is the bright and wild colour pallet. Primaries are bold and beautiful with plenty of pop and presence while brighter neons … give to some pleasing variation.”

“Colours are reproduced vividly with little saturation, there are moments of image noise but nothing serious, black levels are consistent throughout the evening scene, it looks fine.”

“Single‘s 5.1 sound mix, encoded in lossless DTS-HD MA, is functional and professional, with clearly rendered dialogue and ambient effects appropriate to the film’s various environments.”

Also new are The Bourne Quadrilogy and the third and final season of Hannibal (“a video presentation that is largely impressive but still boasts disappointing flaws around the edges”), complete with audio commentaries and a two-hour making-of (“one of the finest aspects of this release is the extras”).

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