New to Blu: June 18-24

Undistinguished direct-to-disc newcomers overwhelm theatrical premieres on Blu-ray this week but there are some gems among the obscurities.

On the Job is an Asian crime thriller with “a pristine 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 encoded transfer that is overflowing with the bright, vibrant colours of the Philippines, showcasing the lush greenery outside the cities, and the bustling, neon-soaked environments of the urban settings.”

“Images are consistently sharp, from chaotic scenes with throngs of people to intimate moments between just two, and regardless of whatever levels of light exist in both interior and exterior settings.

“The DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio track does an excellent job delivering the audio mix, particularly in the crowded and busy prison scenes.”

Labor Day features a strikingly rich, clear, and satisfying 1080p presentation.

“The HD video source material sparkles, looking just a slight bit less organic than film but nevertheless capturing incredible detail and colour throughout.”

“The detail, whether it be individual blades of grass, tears, or the texture of aged wood, is phenomenal.

“There’s nothing amiss about how striking the detail is. It’s extremely clear, in every scene. Great definition, strong lines, and well delineated shadows.”

Also out are the sports documentaries, Class of ’92 and Takedown: The DNA of GSPseries two of RakeWinter’s Tale, I Am Soldier, In Security, Animals United, The Machine and Ticket Out

Re-issues include:

  • Conspiracy Theory (“a fantastic visual presentation that frequently outpaces most other mainstream catalog releases”)
  • Tightrope (“accurately reproduces the film’s look and sound”)
  • Southland Tales (“looks pretty good, but not spectacular”),
  • Black Beauty.

Also new are Attack on Titan – Collection 1, Dragon Ball Z – Season 2Princess MononokePsycho-Pass – Collections 1 and 2Psycho-Pass – Complete Collection (Limited Edition) and WWE Wrestling’s Greatest Factions.

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