New to Blu: June 23-29

Martin Scorsese fans should be delighted with the HD transfer of his spooky thriller, Shutter Island.

Hi-Def Digest says the “exceptionally well rendered transfer makes this eerie thriller even more absorbing and immediate” than it was in cinemas while DVD Town dubbed the picture quality “the best part of the production … beautifully detailed, with crisp delineation and enough natural film grain to provide a realistic texture to the image.”

The bloody zombie romp, Zombieland, also has a high batting average for its HD specs, with DVD Authority awarding it 5/5 (“despite some deliberate choices by the filmmakers, this is a perfect transfer”) and Blu-ray Definition, 4.5/5 (“the movie was shot on HD video, as evidenced by the slight streaking in fast movement, but in general the picture is quite filmic, with ample fine detail”).

Critics were even more effusive about the picture quality of Toy Story and its sequel: “nothing short of flawless” (The Cinema Laser); “just gorgeous” (The Digital Bits); “the previous DVDs have been hailed as having some of the best transfers for that format, but even they pale in comparison to the presentation here. The colour scheme is both brighter and warmer, plus detail is now rendered without any compression artifacts in the way. It’s an immaculate transfer that’s perfect for demonstration purposes” (Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD).

Another Disney Blu-ray, The Tooth Fairy, earned rotten reviews for its content but critics concurred the HD transfer offers plenty of eye candy.

All five titles go on sale on Wednesday.

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