New to Blu: June 3-9

The true-life dramatisation that nearly won Kiwi screenwriter Anthony McCarten an Oscar provides this week’s biggest bang for the buck.

The Theory of Everything arrives on Blu-ray with a clean and detailed 1080p transfer that comes sourced from the original digital photography.

“The image is precise and nuanced, with handsome, accurate detailing evident on faces, clothes, and general backgrounds, whether a sterile hospital operating room or warm and inviting Cambridge accents.”

“The transfer looks quite good, with the varying lighting palette of cinematographer Benoit Delhomme getting a nice presentation.

“The recent-period costuming comes across particularly well, as do the textures of various British locales.”

“Shot on film with a variety of different 35mm cameras, Taken 3 boasts a nicely filmic appearance on Blu-ray, one with appropriate depth and texture

“Director Olivier Megaton and cinematographer Eric Kress opt for various bells and whistles including hand held sequences, occasional image manipulation and the like, elements that don’t seriously distract from a cohesive, organic viewing experience.”

Foxcatcher “displays all the attributes of the theatrical film and provides a rewarding, consistent, and pristinely clean presentation.”

“This Blu-ray transfer is highly detailed, and Greig Fraser’s cinematography includes some beautiful shots of Pennsylvania’s pastoral countryside. Colours are accurate, contrast is solid, black levels are excellent, and shadow detail is very good.”

Still Alice features a solid, if not slightly unspectacular, 1080p transfer. Despite some minor issues of softness, a sense of flatness, and a few instances of lightly crushed blacks — dark suits melt into dark chairs at a dinner at film’s start — the image generally impresses.”

Still Alice‘s cinematography uses a lot of warm hues … Such warm and earthy colours are ripe for various authoring artifacts, but thankfully Still Alice‘s 1080p transfer offers a near-perfect, clear, and pristine video presentation.”

Also new are Mortdecai (“excellent razor-sharp details in nearly every scene”), Search Party and the TV series Fortitude (“a crisp, detailed picture that sports some dynamite contrast”) and Atlantis (“a strong video presentation and serviceable DTS-HD Master Audio stereo mix”).

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  1. Fortitude looks like being a very good series. The Blu-ray release of this show is very disappointing. Audio is only stereo when for a new series like this you would expect at the very least either DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 or a PCM or Dolby True HD 5.1 soundtrack.

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