New to Blu: March 2-8

Oscar-decorated The Social Network comes out in two editions on Wednesday: a single disc release, with two filmmaker commentaries as the only extras, and a collector’s edition.

Opt for the latter if you want to explore every aspect of this superbly mastered movie about the founding of Facebook, as it includes a 90-minute making-of documentary that’s said to be “essential viewing for anyone who’s even mildly intrigued by this textured and nuanced film”.

From the sublime to the ridiculous: Resident Evil Afterlife 3D is the first instalment of the zombie franchise to come out on Blu-ray 3D, and thankfully the reviews were better for the technical specs than the movie. rated the 2D HD video and audio 4.5/5 — “silky smooth and a pleasure to behold with every shot” — but wasn’t as impressed with the 3D transfer (3/5): “Most of the movie lacks that 3D punch and depth of field, with most scenes sure to leave viewers wondering of their glasses are even turned on.”

But High-Def Digest awarded the 3D transfer 5/5: “The Full HD 3D version of Resident Evil: Afterlife is, in my opinion, the best looking Blu-ray 3D release available, either on shelves or in bundle sets.

“Avatar, good as it looks, just cannot compare to the technical prowess and constant 3D utilisation that this film boasts from start to finish.”

Also new are the direct-to-Blu-ray Stone, starring Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich; a re-issue of Alien Anthology; the BBC’s Top Gear: The Complete Series 14 and Doctor Who: The Christmas Special 2010 – A Christmas Carol; and Trainspotting, The Breakfast Club, Lock Up and Along Came Polly.

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One Response to “New to Blu: March 2-8”

  1. Was looking at the Alien Anthology box in store, just out of curiosity (since I picked up the discs from the UK). It looks like they’ve dropped the two discs with all the special feature documentaries. Certainly the only special features the back of the box mentions are the ones on the actual movie discs, and there is NO sign anywhere of it holding six discs. (The packaging itself is a box holding four individual Blu-Ray cases.)

    The NZ market really has been treated appallingly. First they provide so few copies that the title basically sells out on the first day. Then, some three months later, they finally rerelease it, but apparently in a version that omits the comprehensive 20-or-so hours of excellent documentaries. And while they did reduce the price by $20, it’s still significantly more expensive than getting the full six-disc from Amazon.

    So, nice work Fox.

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