New to Blu: March 11-17

It’s a slim week for new Blu-ray releases when Fat Tony & Co and another Australian TV drama Rake are the stand-outs.

Like its predecessors, the latest in the Underbelly franchise is labelled the “uncut” version, which means the edit includes 25 minutes of footage that weren’t broadcast.

If you think that’s light on extras, consider season three of Rake: despite being the final season, the only supplement is out-takes.

Still, at least the Blu-ray is a chance to see it in high definition after TV1 opted not to pick up season three following low ratings for the first two.

The rest of the week’s newcomers predominantly comprise direct-to-disc and back catalogue releases.

Jimi: All is By My Side showcases a fairly obvious digital cinematography that always looks too contemporary, not a good sign for a period piece.

“There are attempts at realism via the unnecessary shaking of the camera and the addition of grain, obviously in post. Aside from all its aesthetic faults, this is a loyal and clean 1080p transfer.”

“The 5.1 track is terrific. It boasts outstanding depth and clarity and separation is excellent. There are no balance issues, though it has to be said that some of the guitar solos are frequently overexposed and there are various sound effects that blend in the dialogue.”

Kill The Messenger is presented in a 2.40:1 1080p AVC encode (@ an average 30 mbps) that presents the various Georgia locations in fine detail.

“Flesh tones are accurate, black levels are solid, and the transfer accurately presents director of photography Sean Bobbitt’s intent to have the various locations from San Jose to South Central to Nicaragua each have a distinct look and feel.”

Horns grows onto Blu-ray with a fantastic 1080p transfer. The digital source nearly replicates the feel of film, rarely appearing overly glossy, excessively flat, or in any way truly inorganic or sterile.”

Also bypassing cinemas for home video premieres are ExistsThe Pact 2, Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me and Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power while being dusted off for their Blu-ray debuts are Pretty PoisonScum and The Black Swan.

Also new are:

  • Jormungand – Season 1 Collection
  • Space Dandy – Part 1
  • Dragon Ball Z – Season 9
  • Fairy Tail – Collection 14
  • Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Road to Ninja
  • Electric Light Orchestra – Out Of The Blue – Live At Wembley
  • Shania – Still The One
  • WWE Royal Rumble 2015.
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