New to Blu: May 11 – 17

The Big Short‘s 1080p transfer excels at every turn. The movie enjoys an attractive cinematic appeal thanks to an even grain structure that preserves a filmic veneer. Details are impressive.”

“It features rich colour reproduction and excellent clarity and detail. The transfer retains the natural filmic look of the film (which was filmed on 35mm). The cinematography is excellent and it is well represented on this exceptional quality release.”

“This is a fine audio presentation focused strongly on dialogue with good use of music and some sound effects here and there to express itself more openly.

“Precision in the audio space is tight and has a number of scenes that take full advantage for the 7.1 set up to pull you in to a scene. Dialogue is exceptionally clear.”

Point Break has been mastered at an average bitrate of 28.14 Mbps, which is very good for digitally acquired material, and the compression deals effectively with the many challenging scenes of rapid action in panoramic settings.”

“In terms of picture quality, the 3D Break held up well. Like most 3D Blu-rays, it occasionally seemed a tad softer than the 2D edition, and it could be darker. Those weren’t substantial concerns, though, so the movie usually produced very nice visuals.”

“When Point Break was first announced for Blu-ray Warner said the disc would come complete with a Dolby Atmos track. Alas, the lossless track contained on this release is actually a DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 mix.

“That’s not to say the 7.1 mix is bad. It’s not. It’s quite immersive. It’s just weird that Warner never followed through with their Atmos promise.”

Also new are Nasty Baby, Tales of HalloweenIp Man 3 (plus a trilogy edition), Mississippi Grind (“a solid film-like appearance”), Riot (“video and audio are fine, particularly for a lower-budget release”), Steven Universe – Season 1Sword Art Online 2 – Part 4,  WWE: 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History and Cliff Richard: 75th Birthday Concert Royal Albert Hall.

Other blasts from the past include seasons one and two of VBarfly and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

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