New to Blu: May 12 – 18

The original Scarface makes it mark here on Blu-ray for the first time as part of ViaVision’s excellent Imprint series of vintage restorations.

It includes both the theatrical and censored versions of Howard Hawks’ 1932 gangster classic, as well as:

  • Audio commentary with film historian Drew Casper (on theatrical cut)
  • Video interview with film critic Matthew Sweet
  • Video Interview with screenwriter & film critic Tony Rayns
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Introduction by TCM Classic Movies host and film historian Robert Osborne

Also out under the Imprint banner are:

The Two Worlds of Jimmie Logan

  • Audio commentary by film critic Kevin Lyons
  • Television trailer


  • Making Their Own History featurette
  • Setting Time featurette
  • Textures of Timeline featurette
  • The Nights of La Roque featurette
  • Ambushed: Inside The Goldsmith Score — An interview with Jerry Goldsmith by biographer/film music historian Jeff Bond
  • History Will Change: Composing Timeline — An interview with composer Brian Tyler

The Mothman Prophecies

  • Audio Commentary bydDirector Mark Pellington
  • Ninety-Nine Will Die: Directing The Mothman Prophecies: A new interview with Pellington
  • Nocturnal Butterfly: Editing The Mothman Prophecies: A new interview with editor Brian Berdan
  • Don’t Be Afraid: Composing The Mothman Prophecies: A new interview with composers Tomandandy
  • What Do You See?: Designing The Mothman Prophecies: A new interview with production designer Richard Hoover
  • Making Of featurette
  • Half Light music video by Low

Let It Ride

  • Audio commentary by film historian Scott Harrison
  • The Finish Line: Directing Let It Ride: An interview with director Joe Pytka
  • Deleted scenes
  • Theatrical trailer

Regarding Henry

  • Audio commentary by film critic Peter Tonguette
  • Vintage Bobbie Wygant interviews with Harrison Ford, Annette Bening and Mikki Allen
  • Theatrical trailer

Also new are the Nicolas Cage horror romp Willy’s Wonderland (“a great 1080p HD transfer that boasts some stylised colour and some vivid detail throughout”) and the 4K-UHD release of Akira, which heads this month’s anime slate:

  • My Hero Academia: Season 4 – Part 2
  • Sword Art Online II: The Complete Season 2
  • Black Clover: Season 3 – Part 2
  • Wicked City
  • Wicked City / Demon City Shinjuku Double Feature
  • Sailor Moon Super S: Season 4 – Complete Series
  • Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars (Season 5) Part 2.
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