New to Blu: May 17 – 23


Direct-to-dsic releases dominate this week’s slate, with the best of the obscure bunch being The Autopsy Of Jane Doe.

“Umbrella Entertainment presents the film in 1080p in the AVC MPEG-4 codec, in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio,” Rewind said.

“Being a recent film, the transfer is basically flawless. It is a dark film as it mostly takes place at night in a morgue.

“Blues and reds are especially strong, skin tones including the paleness of the dead bodies, and sharpness of the image is top notch.”

“I didn’t expect this horror film to look as good as it does visually, but it certainly exceeded my expectations,” High Def Digest said. “The detail here is exquisite.”

And for a change, the NZ release comes with much stronger extras than the US edition.

MichaelDVD reports Android “takes place entirely inside … Many times light sources are placed beyond the actor to create glare or, alternatively, to place the characters in shadow.

“Some scenes are overbright, others dull, with more silhouettes and shadows. Indeed, there is very little colour, glass and chrome dominating the set.”

The same site said of The Cocaine Connection: “The print has nice natural colours in the exteriors. Interiors are more mixed, deliberately so in some instances as there are sequences at parties or in clubs which are quite murky.

“This also affects the shadow detail, although blacks are fine, brightness and contrast consistent, skin tones natural.”

The week’s only re-issue on Blu-ray is Fletch.

“In most respects, Fletch looks like a typical low-budget comedy from the ’80s,” High Def Digest said.

“The movie’s photography is a bit drab and grainy. Colours appear accurate, if not overly vivid. The picture is bright and well-lit, but rarely visually striking.”

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