New to Blu: May 2 – 8


The Greatest Showman could be one of the year’s greatest showcases for 4K-UHD.

The Greatest Showman was shot digitally in the ARRIRAW codec (at 3.4 and 6.5K resolution) using ARRI Alexa cameras and was finished as a true 4K Digital Intermediate,” The Digital Bits reports.

It’s been given an HDR10 colour grade and is presented here at the 2.39:1 theatrical aspect ratio. The result is truly spectacular. Detail abounds, with exquisite and refined texturing. Shadows are deeply black, with naturally bright highlights. And the colours!

Concurred High-Def Digest: “The circus of oddities and curiosities rushes the Ultra HD arena with a lovely HEVC H.265 encode that bursts with such lively buoyancy and effervescence, immediately filling the room with excitement.”

The Greatest Showman in high definition is a delight,” Home Theatre Forum said of the 1080p transfer.

Sumptuous black levels and contrast, excellent use and presentation of colors (red especially leaps off the screen). The level of detail is high, allowing for skin textures to come through and fabrics and other materials to show off with impressive clarity.

The Shape of Water swims onto 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in terrific form,” High-Def Digest said.

Captured at 3.4k and finished on a 2K DI, upticks in details aren’t immediately apparent as the SDR Blu-ray is already very impressive, but after doing a quick series of disc swaps and side by side comparisons, the differences do start to become more apparent. It’s the finest of the fine features that really take shape in this upscaled 2160p transfer.

“Overall image detail is very good – not quite as defined as you’ll see on the best examples of this format, but that’s okay because the film’s liberal use of on-set atmospherics softens it a bit anyway,” The Digital Bits said.

“Fox’s Blu-ray handles everything quite well with strong image detail, texture, and black levels that feel deep without swallowing up everything else,” DVD Talk said.

Digital imperfections such as edge enhancement, noise, and excessive DNR could not be spotted along the way.

I, Tonya misses out on a 4K-UHD release but the Blu-ray’s picture quality is “nearly flawless, with the image appearing crisp but never pristine,” Rock! Shock! Pop! said.

“This is a nicely detailed transfer most of the time, despite some naturalistic lighting in already dowdy interiors, something that can lead to a somewhat subdued palette,” said.

The week’s only other Blu-ray release is Father Figures, which Home Theater Forum rated 5/5 for its transfer and which acclaimed for its “superior sharpness and clarity”.

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