New to Blu: May 28-June 2

The Wolf of Wall Street provides Region B Blu-ray buyers with a big bonus: extra extras.

Whereas the US release has only the 17-minute The Wolf Pack, the Region B disc also comes with another behind-the-scenes shortRunning Wild, and a roundtable discussion with the filmmakers.

“[It] boasts a little more, but not enough to make up for the elements that are so obviously missing – aside from the missed opportunity of providing a decent commentary or documentary, where’s the famous Extended Cut or, at the very least, the extensive deleted scenes that must have been stripped from that cut to make the theatrical version?”

As for the transfer, “The eye-filling 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 rendering is largely free of grain, and no nicks, marks, or scratches dot the pristine source material.

“A warm glow and polished sheen lend the image a lovely richness, while excellent contrast and clarity enhance the sense of depth.

“Background elements are always easy to discern, shadow delineation is strong, and patterns and textures possess plenty of presence.”

“The DTS HD track also satisfies. There’s plenty of music in this film and it comes across strong and clear on this track.

“Vocals were very clean sounding with no flaws. There’s plenty of craziness throughout the entire film and that gives the channels plenty to work with.”

Her also benefits from an excellent Blu-ray release.

“The 1.85:1/1080 AVC-encoded transfer is suffused with a warm, golden glow that makes it gorgeous to watch.”

Her is by no means an aggressive film and its sound design and subsequent DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track follow suit.

“However, there’s an ambient confidence and atmospheric poise here that subverts the hushed nature of the mix, creating an engrossing, enveloping sound field.”

Inside Llewyn Davis’ 1080p transfer isn’t one that viewers will turn to for colour demonstration purposes.

“It’s a somewhat subdued film that frequently favors a shadowy, cold, and gray tone with some splashes of color but nothing too terribly vibrant … but the transfer is otherwise a gorgeous one.”

“The 5.1 HTS HD-MA audio is outstanding and Inside Llewyn Davis deservedly received an Academy Award nomination for Best Achievement in Sound Mixing. Dialogue is mostly confined to the center channel and is always clear and understandable.”

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit does look terrific on Blu-ray. Paramount’s 1080p transfer is often dazzling.

“Its image clarity is outstanding, boasting an evenness and ability to display pinpoint details even in the darkest scenes.”

“While the video quality has one small issue keeping it from perfection, the 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is absolutely flawless.

“No sound – music, vocals or effects – trumps another and they harmoniously blend to fill your theater with dynamics.”

Hannibal: Season One “dons a very impressive 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 encode that shows how fantastic a television series can appear.

“Produced by several folks from the film industry, the entire series carries a strong cinematic feel that not only matches the quality of the Hannibal Lecter films, but complements the style and tone.

“It truly raises the bar for network television.”

Hannibal: Season One has an incredibly forceful and nuanced lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track, one which benefits immensely from the incredibly spooky ‘psychological’ score by Brian Reitzell, a score which utilises a number of electronic elements which often pulse through the surrounds with incredible low frequency.”

Also new are The Railway ManThe Bag ManSuperunknown 20th Anniversary, Andre Rieu: Magic of the Musical and Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark.

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5 Responses to “New to Blu: May 28-June 2”

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    May 29, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    What is the small issue with the video quality of Jack Ryan? Blu reviewer rates the video quality 5 out of 5.

  2. The source of that observation, High-Def Digest, says: “The only real flaw to the video isn’t in the presentation of the movie itself, but in the way that it was shot. Throughout the picture, if you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice that focal issues arise every few minutes, causing objects and people to appear slightly hazy or blurred.” Hence, that site rates it 4.5/5.

  3. I noticed http// have region B Twin Peaks for under a $100 — think I will keep it as an option 🙂

  4. Good idea — Paramount NZ still doesn’t have it in its schedule.

  5. Actually, Philip, I think it may be the best price as well, seeing it’s over $100 on Amazon 🙂

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