New to Blu: May 29 – June 4


Cold Pursuit

➢ “Shot digitally, resolution is generally strong, although I wouldn’t say there was a noteworthy uptick in sharpness and detail compared to the Blu-ray … On occasion, discernible improvements in depth could be seen in wide angle shots, but in most respects, I saw only incremental differences in apparent resolution when comparing select scenes from the UHD and Blu-ray.” — AVS Forum.

➢ “Cold Pursuit has been graded with a dark but filmic look. It’s relatively sharp and noise free, but it’s no demo material. This UHD has a Dolby Vision encode but minimal use of HDR, which is puzzling … I was also pleased with the wide and deep soundscape that this Atmos track brings.” — Home Theater Forum.

➢ “Considering how dark and snowy so many scenes in this film are, detail levels are rather high, though things are a bit murky quite a bit of the time, with fine detail levels understandably not reaching the same heights as in more brightly lit moments. Gradings are rather interesting here, with some expected cool tones helping to elevate the feeling of winter and bleakness.” —

Green Book

➢ “The digitally photographed Green Book arrives on Blu-ray with a well-rounded 1080p presentation. The picture produces fine detailing across the board, notably in the most common areas of interest such as complex skin textures, hair, and clothes, each one an example of precision yield that the Blu-ray reveals to the top of the format’s capacity.” —

➢ “The overall quality of the transfer is strong, with colours that pop (although sometimes a bit muted, although my guess is that was a cinematography choice to give the movie a more ‘historical’ feel), fine details, and realistic skin tones. About the only problem I saw here was a mild bit of noise that creeped into darker/nighttime sequences, but that seems to be par for the course for almost any title shot on Arri equipment.” — High-Def Digest.

➢ “The 2.00:1/1080p/AVC-encoded image offers impressive coverage for the effective production design. Fine-object details … are presented in great clarity, and wide shots offer nicely resolved, detail-abundant landscapes. Skin tones and colours are accurate and nicely saturated, highlights never bloom and blacks are reasonably inky, offering good shadow detail. This is not a particularly flashy image, but I noticed no major flaws.” — DVD Talk.


➢ “A strong, borderline excellent, video presentation … Detail remains impressive throughout, bringing fine nuances to Knightley’s perfected visage, West’s wispy beard, and all of the period trappings that affect costumes and sets. There is a refined classic look to the piece, but it never comes at the expense of clarity. The colour scheme is rich and sometimes really quite vibrant.” — AV Forums.

➢ “The results here are consistently impressive in terms of both detail levels and ability to segue fairly easily between some extreme lighting differences. Some of the scenes seem to have been graded kind of subtly toward yellow and blue, but the palette is rather widely variant and pops expressively throughout the presentation.” —

➢ “Being a period piece drama, Colette has a slightly stylised approach to the colour grading, with hints of yellow and mahogany for the darker sequences, in contrast with the lovely French countryside that features vivid greens, yellows and various other primary colours. The darker shots tend to showcase a little bit of banding, but it’s not really that bad and while it is fairly constant, isn’t that intrusive at all.” — AV Nirvana.

● Also new are Better Call Saul: Season Four, My Hero Academia: The Movie – Two Heroes, and re-issues of Cliffhanger and the first three Rambo movies (on 4K-UHD and Blu-ray), and of Black Hawk Down and Godzilla (on 4K-UHD).

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