New to Blu: May 4-10

Two romantic-comedies come highly recommended for their love-at-first-sight HD transfers.

Seriously good,” is how The Digital Bits described the presentation of the broadcast news comedy, Morning Glory.

“Sharp, very nicely detailed … richly film-like feel throughout. All the positives that go along with that – light grain, natural colour, excellent contrast – and none of the negatives – digital smoothing, edge effects – are present.”

Other critics agreed, although High-Def Digest wasn’t as won over, noting “Paramount’s 1080p/MPEG-4 AVC rendering of this recent flick is by no means weak, just a bit drab”.

It was more positive about Love & Other Drugs – “another stellar rendering of a recent release from Fox that will please the film’s fans” – and its 4/5 appraisal was echoed by Blu-rayDefinition.

DVD File thought the transfer of Gulliver’s Travels, which also is out on Blu-ray 3D, was “solid, but not without its distractions”, including edge enhancement and noise, yet Home Theater Forum awarded it 4.5/5: “Sharpness is spot-on, enough that the film’s special effects betray their computer origins on several occasions.

“Colour saturation is excellent with no bleeding evident even with the excess of red in the colour schemes of the movie. Flesh tones look very natural, and contrast has been dialled in to near perfection. Black levels are good but not great.”

HTF similarly praised the 3D version but pointed out: “Gulliver’s Travels does not benefit by the 3D process whatosever.

“Sure, the mere scope of the film, placing big objects within small environments, offers an interesting amount of dimensional spacing, but overall the film often looks flat to the point you forget you are watching a 3D feature.”

Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere drew mixed reviews for its HD transfer, largely because of its intentionally, 16mm-style look, while critics carped more about the content of the Cher musical, Burlesque, than its “gorgeous” colours.

Also out are two WWE releases, The True Story of Wrestlemania and DX: One Last Stand.


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