New to Blu: Movies > May 22-28

Three top indie titles bow this week on Blu-ray with HD fidelity not guaranteed.

Safety Not Guaranteed was shot in HD with the Sony CineAlta PMW-F3 at XDCAM (4:2:2) resolution and arrives in a 1080p/24 AVC encodement.

“It’s a relatively solid transfer given the source, but some digital issues can be spotted from time to time, like some mild posterisation in darker areas and a little harsh video noise at times.”

Safety Not Guaranteed’s video presentation often yields good results, but below the surface — and often on the surface — is a rather rickety and highly problematic 1080p transfer sourced from a digital shoot.”

Apparently The Perks of Being a Wallflower don’t include a big or even modest budget, hence the disappointing transfer.

“Being the very low budget film that it is (everyone worked for scale), the video and audio qualities don’t come close to the high-definition standards that we expect from new films.

“Both are problematic, but the flaws aren’t fatal.”

“It is not a reference quality disc but it does have a pleasing sharpness and clear and consistent flesh tones.

“The level of detail is good. The colours emulate the era.”

Sightseers, however, has a “hefty 27GB transfer that shows off the film well in high definition.

“The plentiful close-ups display tremendous detail and no obvious edge enhancement to spoil the image, the naturalist photography is aided by lovely colour balance and the few night-time scenes display trueish black levels.”

“It’s everything you would expect from a movie shot less than a couple of years ago. Sharp, crisp, and clean.”

Also new are direct-to-disc Straight As, The Collection, Lay the Favourite, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Blood-C: Series Collection and Wrestlemania 29.

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  1. It is a bit strange that The Collection has been released on Blu-ray in New Zealand, when The Collector was only released on DVD here.

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