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Whatever Homefront’s creative shortcomings, the Sylvester Stallone-scripted thriller starring Jason Statham hits a home run on Blu-ray.

“The 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 encoded transfer on Homefront is immediately striking for the copious amount of detail provided in nearly every scene, the clean, defined edges that are constantly present, and the bright vivid colours depicting the lush greenery of its Louisiana setting.”

“Colours are bright and sulphuric, dynamic range is broad, and a fine layer of noise or faux-grain provides the image a cinematic texture that undercuts its glossiness.”

The English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix “(@ an average 4.1 mbps, going up to 5.4 during the bigger action moments) is big and noisy when it needs to be, and atmospheric at other times”.

The ‘toon turkey Turbo boasts an outstanding transfer that compensates for its storytelling.

Turbo speeds onto Blu-ray with an enjoyable 3D presentation.

“The image retains the same excellent characteristics of its 2D-only counterpart and adds a fair, but not particularly memorable, 3D layer of animated goodness.

“The 3D presentation doesn’t dim or in any way lessen the dazzling impact of the usual characteristics. Colours remain bold and accurate.”

“Turbo’s Blu-ray transfer easily wins a five-star rating. This Fox/DreamWorks collaboration presents a stunning display of animated eye candy that’s as good as any similar title on the market.

“The animators have left nothing to the imagination.”

“As is usually the case with these CGI animated films, the imagery is stunning: razor-edged sharpness, brilliant colours of every possible hue, and contrast dialed in to perfection.

“Black levels are jet black, and no artifacts mar the pristine picture on display.”

“The DTS HD 7.1 Master Audio track is equally masterful, delivering the film’s song-heavy soundtrack (which leans heavier on hip-hop than you might expect) with flair and really kicking into gear during the racing sequences.

“The final third of the movie will give your speakers an impressive workout.”

Also new are the 1957 Billy Wilder classic, Witness for the Prosecution, and the direct-to-disc Date and Switch, Convict, Contracted and:

  • Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz (“clean, noiseless, detailed and sharp”)
  • It’s a Disaster (“excellent audio/video presentation”)
  • Why Stop Now? (“while not the most dazzling high definition picture you’ll see this year, the image has a strong sense of overall clarity”).

Small Apartments (“very glossy and flat but otherwise spiffy”) was due this week but has been delayed until May 21 because of a classification hold-up.

Music titles are limited to Brian May & Kerry Ellis – The Candlelight Concerts: Live At Montreaux and Dream Theater – Live at Luna Park (2DVD/3CD).

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  1. I bought Turbo 3D from the US. 3D quality is very good and 7.1 soundtrack is great.

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