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The Wolverine is being “unleashed” in two Blu-ray editions: the original theatrical realase and an extended edition that’s exclusive to the 3D Blu-ray.

Because the Blu-rays don’t go on sale in the US until December 3, online reviews have yet to be posted.

But Forbes magazine this week ran an interview with director James Mangold that argues “the first-ever uncut version of an X-Men movie” is “the film as it should be seen”, complete with a “true ninja bloodbath … it’s gotta be a solid five minutes of killing and terror …

“Indeed, this is frankly the first time we’ve ever seen what amounts to a hard-R-rated mainstream superhero franchise film entry.”

However, the Unleashed version retains the original M certificate, but with an additional rider that content may disturb.

“Sony often delivers top-notch video transfers of their recent theatrical releases, and White House Down is no exception, offering a crisp, colourful transfer full of detail and with no noticeable problems/glitches in terms of artifacting, aliasing, banding, or other frequently seen issues.”

White House Down explodes onto Blu-ray with a mesmerising DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack. And how could a movie of this nature not sound terrific?

“Musical notes are consistently precise and beautifully fill the stage with even, accurate beats and seamless spacing.”

To the Wonder is an audio-visual knockout.

“The phenomenally good camerawork — unusual light conditions, heightened depth of field, delicate detail — is flawlessly represented in the widescreen format.”

“I approve of any disc that opens with the instructions to turn the volume up loud for maximum effect — and To the Wonder deserves it.

“The soaring music envelops you, as the soft-spoken dialogue and narration gently eases in from underneath.

“The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio mix is perfection, creating a full surround experience for the home viewer.”

Also new are Mary Poppins, The Guillotines 3D (“has some impressive shots, but the overall transfer is uneven”) and They Live (“clearly represents an upgrade in quality over previous DVD releases but the film could look far more convincing”).

Fans of They Live probably should opt for Universal’s US release, which appears to have a superior transfer that’s “an improvement on previous versions, if not exactly revelatory” and comes with much better extras.

Rounding out the releases are The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment and music titles Cliff Richard: Still Reelin’ and A-Rockin’ – Live in Sydney, Live on Stage: The War of the Worlds, Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come, The Beyond, P!nk: The Truth About Love Tour – Live From Melbourne and Rush – R-30.

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5 Responses to “New to Blu: Movies & Music > November 27-December 3”

  1. Apparently the UK / Australasian release of Mary Poppins will come with a DTS HD HR 5.1 lossy soundtrack, whereas the US release comes with a DTS HD Master Audio 7.1 lossless soundtrack.

  2. Region B gets screwed again.

  3. Not surprising really. This seems to happen far too often now.

  4. Mark – do you know of any websites that exclusively review Region B BD?

  5. Not exclusively but the following 2 websites review a lot of Region B BD’s

    Both sites are very reliable when it comes to audio and video specs

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