New to Blu: November 12-18

Oh, what a sight is Clint Eastwood’s first digitally shot movie on Blu-ray.

“I believe Jersey Boys is the first time Clint Eastwood has ever shot a movie digitally, making use of Arri Alexa equipment here.

“It proved to be a good choice, as the Blu-ray delivers an absolutely stunning transfer, full of detail and worthy of a reference-quality rating.”

“The musical numbers are not quite as dynamic as expected here, but I think that is an issue with the production and sound design rather than this 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack.

“Balancing dialogue, effects and a frequent score is tricky, and this lossless mix does a nice job making sure each element is crisp and perfectly replicated.”

“As superb as How to Train Your Dragon was from a visual perspective, this sequel is at the very least its equal and arguably superior with regard to the often astounding levels of fine detail and especially its ravishing palette, something that really pops incredibly in some of the sequences.”

How to Train Your Dragon 2 3D‘s 3D presentation is similarly outstanding, with an emphasis on that ‘out’ part.

“While there’s nothing truly extraordinarily gimmicky in the presentation here (other than a few scattered ‘in your face’; moments), there is a glut of ‘popout’  material from the very first sequence, where the marauding dragons seem to emerge from the screen directly at the audience.”

Going direct to disc are After the DarkIsle of Dogs, The Scribbler and 7500 while TV highlights include Fargo: The Complete First SeasonWentworth: The Complete Season 2 and New Zealand From Above.

Both Fargo and Wentworth were broadcast in 1080i but this is the first chance to see NZ From Above in HD after Prime wasted it in SD.

Monty Python Live (Mostly) “offers good resolution, vibrant colour, and solid contrast” and is “decently if not overwhelmingly sharp and detailed looking”.

Also new are Batman: 25th Anniversary Edition and Sol3 Mio Live in Concert.

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