New to Blu: November 19-25

Ahead of the world premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies come the wizards of Weta in the week’s two most dazzling Blu-ray releases: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Extended Edition.

The latest in the Apes sagas went on sale in NZ and Australia ahead of the UK and US, complete with 7.1 audio and an hour of extras that fans will go bananas about.

They include a director’s commentary, three deleted scenes with optional commentary, and a suite of thoughtful making-of shorts, in which star Andy Serkies discusses finding his “inner ape” and director Matt Reeves reveals he’s “desperately wanted to be an ape” ever since seeing the original franchise as a youth.

Apes is out in 2D and 3D versions as is the extended edition of Smaug, which runs 186 minutes and includes more than 10 hours of HD content.

“Its new cut isn’t essential or definitive. The theatrical version is fine as is, and doesn’t really feel as if it’s missing any plot points of great worth.

“But the extended version also isn’t nearly as problematic as its Unexpected Journey predecessor.

“The scenes that have been reinserted — some 25-minutes worth — feel slightly more crucial to the plot, and feature more vital character beats and welcome story expansion.”

“The video quality and clarity is spectacular, with rich colour, deep and detailed blacks, and abundant detail.

“Only a few times (specifically in the aforementioned barrel sequence) does the image really betray the fact that it was shot on HD video rather than film, though – as was the case with the first Hobbit film – the extreme clarity resulting from its High-Frame Rate image capture might be a little off-putting to some.”

Also new for fantasy fans are Doctor Who – The Complete Eighth Series and a four-season box set of The Walking Dead.

The latter unleashes a week of the low-budget living dead: A Little Bit Zombie, Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse and Rise of the Zombies.

Other direct-to-disc obscurities include Jack the Giant Killer, Mindscape, I’ll Follow You Down, Holy Knight, The Reckoning and John Doe: Vigilante.

Rounding out the week are Rick and Morty – Season 1, Bryan Adams Reckless and Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Democracy 3D: Live At The Hard Rock Casino, Las Vegas.

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  1. I bought the Guns and Roses Appetite for Democracy 3D concert from Amazon US early this year. The concert is great, with excellent sound quality and fantastic 3D quality.

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