New to Blu: November 28-December 4

A Schindler’s List set in the sewers of Poland is the week’s most notable release on Blu-ray beyond Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises.

In Darkness may offer a fairly gritty viewing experience, but director Agnieszka Holland’s film was captured digitally, and the results are always visually beautiful.

“There are moments when the digital sheen gives way to a rougher appearance that suits the mood and drained colour and sense of despair, and there are moments of incredible clarity and unbeatable attention to detail.”

“If you want to see an amazing looking, grimy, gothic looking period piece, there may not be a better option than this Blu-ray release.”

“The DTS HD 5.1 Master Audio track is tremendous, doing a spectacular job of recreating the eerie atmosphere of the sewer and the strange sounds that are heard within and without.

“It’s an exceptional track that never falters in any area and which is consistently immersive.”

“There’s not much here in the way of bonus features … but what’s here is very good.

“The best is In Light: A Conversation with Agnieszka Holland and Krystyna Chiger, a survivor of the sewers. The director talks with her about the film and her own recollections.”

Also new are Bel Ami, StreetDance 2 (3D), Boot Tracks, Sixteen Candles and a box set of The Walking Dead’s first two seasons.

Concert titles include Mumford & Sons: The Road to Red Rocks, The Pogues in Paris: 30th Anniversary and Pear Jam 20.

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5 Responses to “New to Blu: November 28-December 4”

  1. I got The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray today and it’s got over three hours of extras. YAY 🙂

  2. Is the Steve McQueen race car film Le Mans a new release? I picked up a copy last week and found the sound authoring has been fubared.

    The whole disc was supposedly re-mastered in DTS-HD …

    and the film itself does sound great in DTS-HD 7.1 but …

    there’s no sound during the main menu,

    no DTS-HD sound when the original 1.0 soundtrack is selected,

    no DTS-HD sound on the trailer.

    In all cases, the bdp sez it’s sending out a DTS-HD signal and the avr sez it’s receiving same but there’s no sound.

    Shameful treatment of what is still one of the great race car films and an iconic McQueen vehicle.

  3. It was released in June. I’m surprised to hear of your experiences as most of the US reviews praise both the audio and video. Perhaps the omissions are due to Paramount releasing it in the US and subbing it out to another distributor here.

  4. It’s released by Umbrella here. Sent them an email… Meanwhile, I ordered a copy from Amazon UK, where Paramount have released it.

  5. Update – got a UK copy of Le Mans. Same problems as the local release! Bah!

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