New to Blu: October 12 – 18


Ghostbusters 2016 lands here the same week as the US on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and 4K-UHD Blu-ray.

“The 2160p/HDR-enhanced presentation of Ghostbusters offers a marginal, but noticeable, upgrade over the movie’s 1080p Blu-ray transfer.

“The movie was reportedly shot at 2.8K and finished at 2K, making this, presumably, an upscale from that source. The image retains all of the same basic characteristics from the 1080p version, including a fairly hot, heavily saturated colour palette.”

“Sony has once again decided to favour the ‘premium’ status of its UHD line at the expense of its bread-and-butter 1080p Blu-ray audience by refusing to bring over the enhanced Atmos soundtrack from the pricier release.

“It would be nice if Sony could go even that half-extra mile and bump up to 7.1, but alas. The good news is that the included DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack is still fantastic.”

Also out on 4K-UHD is Angels & Demons, ahead of sequel Inferno’s theatrical release, while heading a slew of classics on Blu-ray is the original Lost Horizon (1934), which has been mastered from a 4K scan of the 132-minute cut.

Other re-issues being dusted off for Blu-ray include the original Fail-SafeSuddenly Last SummerRemains of the DayStir CrazySee No Evil Hear No EvilThe Punisher (1989), The ToyAmityville Horror Collection and Stephen King Collection (The Dead Zone, Pet Semetary, Sleepwalkers, The Dead Zone).

Going straight to Blu-ray are The Boy (“full of stark contrast and a moody, almost grayscale look”), Popstar: Never Stop Singing (“very sharp clarity and a great sense of dimension”), Marauders (“a great looking presentation”), Dead Rising: Endgame and Life on the Line while TV titles are are limited to season four of Vikings and Guilty Crown: Complete Series.

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4 Responses to “New to Blu: October 12 – 18”

  1. I got the 3D version of Ghostbusters today so I’m looking forward to seeing ghosts popping out of my screen, Yay :)

  2. And I was not disappointed as the 3D on Ghostbusters is amazing and lots of fun, I jumped when green slime started pouring out of the screen at me, luckily it missed and I thought the movie is excellent and a lot of fun, can’t believe it’s got bad reviews, GROW UP PEOPLE :)

  3. Thanks for the review, Trevor. It’s a pity TV manufacturers are phasing out 3D when it can be so effective even in the living room.

  4. I can’t agree more Philip, it’s a fun option to have with TVs. I love watching movies in 3D :)

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