New to Blu: October 18 – 24


Baby Driver roars on to both 4K-UHD and Blu-ray, with top US reviewers praising the fidelity of the former over the latter.

Baby Driver was reportedly finished at 2K, but even so this marks a solid upgrade over a decent-not-great 1080p Blu-ray picture,” said.

Sony’s 2160p/HDR-enhanced release delivers a more intricate and stable picture, one that reveals much more detail, that offers a sharper image overall. Details that were (sometimes more than) a little lacking on Blu-ray — facial features in particular — are much more stout here, capable of revealing finer intricacies with greater complexity and more easily identifiable nuance.

High-Def Digest reckons “Edgar Wright’s exceptional genre exercise handles the tight curves and tough streets of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray thanks to a fantastic HEVC H.265 encode that shockingly leaves its Blu-ray counterpart in the rearview mirror.”

Shot on a combination of traditional 35mm film and digital cameras capable of up to 3K resolution, the freshly-minted transfer screeches unto the scene with excellent detailing in the architecture of buildings, the gravel of city streets and Baby’s apartment.

Baby stylishly eludes the police with a fantastic Dolby Atmos soundtrack that surprisingly leaves its DTS-HD MA counterpart in the dust, consistently pulling viewers into the thick of action and as though sitting in the getaway car.

But DVD Active had few qualms about the Blu-ray audio and video: “Sony’s Blu-ray comes packed a with nice, natural-looking transfer, a fantastic DTS-HD MA soundtrack, and loads of extras, fronted by deleted/extended scenes, dual commentaries, and extensive animatics.”

The week’s only other Blu-ray newcomers are the direct-to-disc Dead Awake and Nutty Professor II: The Klumps.

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    October 22, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    Having seen the Blu-ray I’d put it somewhere between the and DVD Active reviews.Good but not great picture. Good sound. One wonders why so many films with Atmos soundtracks don’t feature it on the BD release. The local John Wick 2 was one that missed out on Atmos.

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