New to Blu: October 2 – 8

The Walking Dead: The Complete Ninth Season

➢ “The Walking Dead: The Complete Ninth Season arrives on Blu-ray with another high quality 1080p presentation. Season nine continues with the series’ long-established physical construction, maintaining a grainy and grim appearance, slightly softer textures, and often a somewhat moribund worldview that accentuates grays and conveys a sense of bleakness even amongst nature.” —

➢ “I understand and appreciate the decision to use artificial grain to give the show a post-apocalyptic and cinematic feel. However, the nature of the show’s settings make this an issue. The indoor scenes are hazy and deliberately low-lit, and the grain is so heavy it is repeatedly distracting. Dimly-lit scenes struggle to show detail. ” — Cinelinx.


➢ “After was digitally photographed. It’s very well detailed in bright locales and warmly lit low light locations alike. The film does not want for intimate character close-ups meant to bring out the nuanced emotions at play in the performances, and viewers will note every pore, hair, and other detail with effortless ease.” —

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    October 4, 2019 at 8:42 am

    I got season 9 of The Walking Dead from Mighty Ape for just $42. I’m really surprised by how cheap it is as it’s normally closer to $70 🙂

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