New to Blu: October 24-31

It’s only the original theatrical cut, and boasts none of the eight hours of extras on the collector’s edition, but “Avatar’s Blu-ray 3D transfer delivers a mesmerising 1080p experience that’s about as close to perfection as any high def 3D release is likely to come for quite some time.

“It would be fitting (not to mention easy) to simply label this one as ‘perfect,’ and indeed, there are so few problems here, and all of them so microscopic in size, that it would border on the sinful to give this transfer anything less than a ‘perfect’ rating.”

“While Avatar 3D adds great sense of spatial depth while retaining detail and the splendour of its colour palette, it doesn’t ever lapse into the realm of gimmickry — meaning there are no ‘in your face’ 3D moments.”

“As the film progresses, and you reach the floating mountains, get prepared for some amazingly awesome depth, as the film truly grows and grows. And it will set off your vertigo, even if the 2D version of the film didn’t.”

Also out in 3D is the direct-to-disc Piranha 3DD.

“The 2D image is a real dazzler, an elite Blu-ray presentation that rivals anything else on the format, particularly other digital pictures … The 3D presentation isn’t the finest on the market, but it’s quite good.”

But others thought the 2D transfer “inconsistent” and said while the 3D is gimmicky, “it adds some fun to the movie. So if you are able to, watching this in 3D is probably going to give the best overall experience.”

Roger Donaldson’s new thriller is “richly detailed with natural skin tones and strong black levels”.

Seeking Justice was done in high definition on a Panavision Genesis HD Camera with Panavision Primo Lenses at 1080p/24 resolution and comes to Blu-ray at its original 1080p/24 resolution in an AVC/MPEG-4 encodement.

“The image looks pristine with no evidence of artifacts.”

Belatedly bowing on Blu-ray here, three years after its US release, is season one of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.

“When Dollhouse is good, it’s great, exhibiting all of the detail one has come to expect from a film-based programme, but excessive compression and the highly uneven quality of the original source material hold it back.”

Even so, “it’s a marked improvement across the board from its television debut – skin tones look good, details are fine, shadows and blacks are deep and dark, and depth is amazing.”

Also new are: [REC]3: Genesis (“the image is strong though of course the first twenty minutes intentionally look like consumer grade HD video”); Painted Skin 2 (“incredibly sharp and well detailed”); Retreat (“very modern, clean looking”); Redd Inc; The Cold Light of Day; and Yessongs.

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    October 27, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Avatar 3D is absolutely brilliant … I got it yesterday, it’s such a WOW 🙂

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