New to Blu: October 29-November 4

American Horror Story: Coven lands on Blu-ray in time for Halloween.

Entertainment Weekly celebrated its release with a behind-the-scenes exclusive about the shooting of an episode that some of the cast revealed was “sometimes just as scary as watching it”.

As for the Blu-ray specs, “The overall picture is a bit soft and lacking in detail, but the shooting style mandated this along with the need for glamour with the aging stars and young starlets

“Colours look natural and skin tones are real and true.”

“As with previous seasons, there are numerous colour grading gambits employed, as well as tweaks like added grain, distressing and other digital tools that provide variety if not always clarity.

“There are some occasional very slight issues with noise sprinkled throughout the season, but otherwise this is an artifact free presentation that may still strike some viewers as lacking definition and pop.”

“Visual quality is softer than one might expect, possibly due to glamour photography for the predominantly female cast or possibly for the sake of effect.

“Colour is solidly realised, and the copious amounts of red in blood-letting scenes seem realistic and never bloom.”

Another small screen horror, Supernatural, is being re-released in a nine-season box set.

Fresh from its theatrical run comes The Fault in Our Stars, which was shot digitally with the Arri Alex.

“This high definition presentation is buoyed by the nice range of tones and lighting that the Alexa can capture.

“Everything from an insanely brightly lit doctor’s office to the recurring motif of a field of nighttime stars offers excellent clarity and definition.”

“The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 sound mix presents the dialogue solidly anchored to the center channel and uses the score by Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott along with a succession of pop tunes well by nicely weaving it all into the front and rear channels.”

Life After Beth has a smooth and sleek appearance that can look just slightly flat and shallow some of the time, especially given the kind of dusty looking yellow-brown colour grading that’s appended to several sequences.”

“The 1.85:1, 1080p, AVC-encoded transfer reproduces the film’s look very well, delivering the very natural, subdued hues appropriately, while the film is sufficiently sharp with a nice level of fine detail.”

Parts Per Billions flows in onto the Blu-ray front  in a suitable, sharp 1.85:1-framed 1080p AVC transfer, elevating the strengths in its digital source while working against the current of its occasionally hazy and smooth attributes.”

“This is an above average image on a film that was likely shot with a very small budget. It looks nice, and generally offers very good presentation for a rather gray film.”

Gone With the Wind’s 75th anniversary edition seems largely the same as the last commemorative edition.

“This is the exact same transfer that graced GWTW’s 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition, and that’s not a bad thing.”

“The film is a high-definition upgrade of the comprehensive 8K digital restoration of the film made in 2004, and it looks gorgeous.

“It preserves the inherent texture of the original film stock, while scrubbing away dust and dots for a ravishing picture full of depth and detailed surfaces …

“As with the A/V presentation, most everything about this 75th Anniversary edition of GWTW has been duplicated from the 70th Anniversaryrelease from 2009.”

Also being dusted off in new Icons packaging are Rocky, Silence of the Lambs, Terminator and Spaceballs.

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