New to Blu: September 20 – 26

Wonder Woman bounds on to three flavours of Blu-ray here the same day as the US.

“Shot on 35mm film and completed as a 2K digital intermediate, Warner’s 2160p upscale is a sight to behold,” Home Theater Forum raved of the 4K-UHD version:

There is a slight increase in fine detail, particularly in the fabrics of the costumes and age lines on the actors’ faces, but the increase in available colour gamut is where the disc truly shines. The lush greenery on Themyscira is much more natural with its almost infinite gradients of green, for example.

Reference Home Theatre was more reserved, describing the image as “quite good“:

Some people might complain that the middle section in London and Belgium is too dark, but it feels exactly like what they wanted. When they bring in HDR the results are fantastic. Sitting around a campfire, the bright, flickering fire caused shadows to light up in my dark theatre room because of how bright it is.

Home Media Magazine thought the 3D Blu-ray “a bit more subtle than one might expect from a comic book movie like this, providing some depth but not adding much to the viewing experience”.

“This film wasn’t shot natively in 3D, but was converted in post-production,” AVSForum points out, noting the reproduction of the digital effects translates as well here as it does in the 2D presentation:

Presented in its original aspect of 2.40:1 detail is well preserved as the image retains its high level of clarity with objects and people within the frame appearing noticeably delineated and sharp. Depth of field is excellent as there is a natural sense of dimension with regard to foreground/background spacing and movement.

Also out the same day as the US is Arrow: The Complete Fifth Season while being dusted off are StealthDaylight and Streets of Fire.

Other newcomers include:

  • The Shack (“technical merits are generally strong“)
  • All Eyez on Me (“the transfer is by and large excellent“)
  • Vengeance: A Love Story
  • My Pet Dinosaur.
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3 Responses to “New to Blu: September 20 – 26”

  1. If you guys like the Fast & Furious movies, at the moment on Mighty Ape you can buy the Blu-ray boxset of 1-7 of the movies for just $34, I got mine today and can’t believe how cheap it is especially considering it’s normal price is $109. It’s also got heaps of extras going by the first movie, anyway. The sale ends early October or until they run out so, anyhow, I just thought I would mention it 🙂

  2. Thanks, Trevor, always happy to hear about bargains as good as this — especially when the F&F Blu-rays are so beautifully mastered.

  3. It’s my pleasure, Philip,I haven’t really watched them before so it’s great having all seven movies together at a great price 🙂

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