New to Blu: September 21-27

The violent, maverick cop thriller, Blitz, lands on Blu-ray with “a solid AVC-encoded transfer”, although not one that will blow you away like the hero.

“It’s not a dazzler, but instead a workmanlike presentation that seems to nicely replicate director Elliott Lester’s intended appearance.”

Blitz heads an unusually large slate of direct-to-disc releases this week that includes The Hole 3D, Inhale and The Lost Future.

Take Me Home Tonight’s “sharpness and colour saturation are all one could ask”, although “the artistic decisions hamper the HD picture just a tad”,  Hesher is “mostly fine” and The Reef “looks as good as one would expect for a low-budget handheld camera affair”.

Views on this week’s sole theatrical disc, Your Highness, ranged from, “It’s not exactly top tier material, but the video definitely looks good”, to “a great 2.40:1 (1080/24p AVC) transfer featuring a bright, bold colour palette that really pops”.

Also out this week are:

  • the back-catalogue newcomers Footloose and Hardware (“a home-run visual presentation”); and
  • concert discs Nirvana: Live a the Paramount and Steven Wilson: Grace for Drowning.
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