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The final season of Breaking Bad on Blu-ray abounds in extras but the latest series of Dexter and Mad Men on disc will leave fans fuming.

“For the first time, a season of Mad Men has been released on Blu-ray without any commentary from series creator Matthew Weiner or the cast and crew.

“There’s no indication of why this incredibly enlightening and entertaining component has been dropped from this release, but it is a massive oversight by all involved.

“While this Blu-ray is shockingly light on special features, it does have terrific picture and audio.”

“Colours are vivid, accurate and very well saturated, and fine detail is consistently impressive, catching everything from the pill on various costumes to some of the heavily textured walls that were the rage in the late sixties.”

Mad Men is an exceedingly well-shot and richly appointed show. The 5.1 DTS Master Audio is an even greater step upward in quality from the cable TV experience.”

Breaking Bad – The Final Season “look very strong with the some extremely impressive landscapes shots of the desert and pristine detail in close-ups.

“Overall it supports the series in 1080P with bright authentic colours and wonderful contrast …

“This Blu-ray package offers more than just a great presentation with the extensive extras and commentaries.”

=Dexter: The Final Season boasts a standout 1080p/AVC-encoded video presentation that stands among the best the show has delivered on Blu-ray.

“Unlike The Seventh Season, which suffered from minor banding (among other arguably negligible issues), there isn’t much to worry over here, so long as you’re willing to overlook the noise and crush that is inherent to the series’ photography and the showrunners’ intentions.”

“The series on Blu-ray has a history of providing virtually no bonus content, and that hasn’t changed with The Final Season of Dexter.

“There are some mini-featurettes that clock in at a paltry 2-3 minutes each, and serve as little more than promo material.”

The seventh and fourth seasons also are being belatedly released this week on Blu-ray, along with Supernatural – The Complete Eighth Season and Star Trek: The Next Generation – Unification.

“The otherworldly crisp and detailed Supernatural continues to stand strong as one of the best looking series on Blu-ray.

“I’m especially impressed by this season’s vivid colours, consistently saturated more richly than I ever remember Supernatural being before.”

“A bit of banding sneaks in here and there, but otherwise, all is exactly as it should be.

“Colours are often drained of life, yet skin tones are nicely saturated, primaries drip off the screen (oh, those reds), black levels are atmospheric and ominous, and contrast is consistently strong.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Unification retains the same characteristics as its full-season counterpart transfers.

“The image is a true sight to behold for longtime Star Trek fans.

“Though there’s some excess noise and a few softer shots, the image generally enjoys terrific stability, a pure film-like texture, sharp details, and bold colours.”

“As with pretty much all the re-mastered Star Trek releases, the HD presentation is spectacular.

“The making-of featurette points out a major flaw that was corrected for the remastering—a shot of a boom mic operator clearly reflected in a glass ornament.”

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