New to Disney+ in June

A radical BBC/FX adaptation of Great Expectations from the creator of Peaky Blinders, a series sequel to The Fully Monty starring the original cast, MCU newcomer Secret Invasion, FBI drama Class of ’09 and the belated premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water head June’s highlights on Disney+.

Great Expectations (June 28) has a fantastic pedigree but struggled to win over critics and viewers. Said Rotten Tomatoes: “Even with the inestimable Olivia Colman as a ringer, Steven Knight’s try-hard reimagining of Dickens’ masterwork falls well below expectations.”

The Full Monty (June 24) picks ups the Sheffield steel workers story 25 years after the movie; Secret Invasion (June 21) is set in the present-day MCU, when Nick Fury learns of a clandestine invasion of Earth by shapeshifting Skrulls; and Class of ’09 (June 21) has FBI agents wrestling with artificial intelligence.

Saint X (June 7) is a shifting perspectives mystery series about a missing girl (June 7) while Flamin’ Hot (June 9) is a movie dramatisation of how a Mexican-American janitor invented snack sensation Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Home Improvement S1-8 and Party of Five S1 join the platform from June 28, Home in the Wild (June 21) is a National Geographic series that’s apparently “a lighter, more playful version of your typical adventurer show”, and there’s a raft of new international TV dramas and docuseries:

  • Blood Curse is an Indonesian drama series about two families under supernatural assault (June 7)
  • Special Force: Anarchy is a Malaysian drama about a female police rookie who uncovers a dangerous underground group (June 21)
  • Full Count is a docuseries about a South Korean baseball competition (June 14)
  • Revenant is a South Korean horror about a young woman who’s possessed by a relic of her dead father’s (June 23)
  • The Protectors is an Argentinian sports dramedy (June 25)
  • Freeks is a Spanish musical-drama about a band leader wrongfully accused of murder (June 28)
  • 548 Days: Abducted Online is a docuseries about a young woman from Elche who was captured by a sect as a teenager (June 30)

Also due in June:

  • Critter Fixers: Country Vets S4 (June 7)
  • Pride from Above (June 14)
  • The Zone: Survival Mission S2 (June 14)
  • The Owl House S3 (June 14)
  • BUNK’D: Learning the Ropes S6 (June 14)
  • Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet S11 (June 14)
  • Stan Lee (June 21)
  • Raven’s Home S6 (June 21)
  • World’s Best (June 23)
  • Weekend Family S2 (June 28)
  • Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog S3 (June 28)
  • Critter Fixers: Country Vets S2-3 & 5 (June 28)
  • Saving Notre Dame (June 30).
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7 Responses to “New to Disney+ in June”

  1. I wonder when New Zealand will be getting The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones 🤔

  2. It looks like Disney are taking Hulu international so I assume it will replace Star 🤔

  3. Didn’t we get it nearly 30 years ago? And it was terrible then.

  4. Yes, that’s the one.

  5. Good point, Trevor. It was meant to go live the same time as the movies. I note it’s not on the Australian site, either. Could be a rights issue as the series streams on Apple TV across the Tasman and NZ’s been lumped into the same market.

  6. That’s actually what I was thinking Philip, it’s Australia’s fault. I can’t remember the last time The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones was on in New Zealand 🤔

  7. Disney is pushing the release out on almost its entire movie slate. Except for Deadpool 3 (arguably the best movie in the stable), which comes in a few months earlier. Avatar 5 in 2031 – it’ll be for the next generation of moviegoers that won’t have even seen Avatar 1.

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