New to DocPlay in February

Two of 2024’s Oscar-nominated documentaries will stream later this year on DocPlay.

Sundance winner 20 Days in Mariupol is billed as “an unsparing portrait of Mariupol under siege, and the bravery of those struggling to survive in it” (view trailer here).

The Eternal Memory is said to be a “poignant testament to the power of love and remembrance” set against a profound political backdrop (view trailer here).

February’s highlights include:

Ferrari 312B (February 1)

A must-see for motorheads, this thrilling documentary looks at the history of the Ferrari 312B, which changed Formula One racing forever. (View trailer here.)

The Soviet Union (February 5)

This three-part series explores the history and legacy of the Soviet Union, from its genesis in 1922 to its fall in 1991. (View trailer here.)

Paper City (February 5)

In 1945, the US firebombed Tokyo, destroying a quarter of the city and killing 100,000 people. Now, in a society rapidly forgetting, three elderly survivors fight to leave behind a public record of their experiences before they pass away. (View trailer here.)

The Thief Collector (February 8)

Thirty years after a Willem de Kooning original was sliced from its frame and stolen from an Arizona museum, the painting worth $160 million was found in a small New Mexico town. And that’s just the beginning of this stranger-than-fiction yarn about a pair of self-proclaimed ‘masters of victimless crimes’. (View trailer here.)

Murky Skies (February 12)

Fuelled by unexplained illnesses, lost evidence, mysterious cargo, and one missing black box, the 1992 crash of an Israeli Boeing 747 into an apartment building in Amsterdam remains a three-decades-old mystery. This three-part ‘thriller’ investigates. (View trailer here.)

The Corridors of Power (February 19)

Oscar-nominee Dror Moreh (The Gatekeepers) interrogates the consistent failure of US foreign policy to challenge genocide, using interviews with heavyweight politicians and diplomats. (View trailer here.)

Whetu Marama (February 26)

What Sir Edmund Hillary did in conquering Everest, Sir Hekenukumai Busby has done in reclaiming the lost art of traditional Māori voyaging, sailing the vast Pacific navigating by the stars. (View trailer here.)

Beyond Utopia (February 29)

A family of five attempt a dramatic journey from North Korea to freedom, painting a devastating portrait of life under an oppressive regime. Packed with hidden camera footage and remarkable testimony, director Madeleine Gavin’s prize-winning documentary is consistently gripping and totally unforgettable. (View trailer here.)

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