New to Lightbox in March

Lightbox at last shines the light on one of the most acclaimed British comedies of the past two years, Raised by Wolves.

Loosely based on the home-schooled childhoods of popular British comedian, columnist and author of How To Be A Woman, Caitlin Moran, and her sister, Caroline, seasons one and two will stream from March 13.

“This loving and funny sitcom set on a Wolverhampton council estate puts poverty porn documentaries such as Benefits Street to shame,” said The Guardian while The Daily Telegraph declared: “It’s about time we saw working-class people on TV arguing about books, thinking about the environment and deconstructing gender stereotypes.”

Lightbox also has picked up the critically lauded Stephen King series, Mr Mercedes (season one streams from March 7).

Produced by David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies), it stars Penny Dreadful’s Harry Treadaway as a psychotic who drives a stolen Mercedes into a crowd of people, then taunts a retired detective with lurid letters and emails, forcing Brendan Gleeson’s ex-cop to undertake a private, and potentially felonious, crusade to bring him to justice before he can strike again.

Mr. Mercedes is a fine example of something that has been less frequent over the years — an effective Stephen King adaptation carried by strong performances and smart writing choices,” The Hollywood Reporter said.

But Variety thought it “a plodding compendium of serial-killer and cop cliches, all conveyed via an unrelentingly dour tone and almost suffocating aesthetic of drab greens, blacks and browns.”

You’re the Worst (S1-3, from March 2) is an FX comedy about how the worst people can make the best partners: in this case, a brash, self-destructive narcissist and a cynical, stubborn people-pleaser.

You’re the Worst immediately finds what all comedies hope for: character chemistry and a certain zing to the writing, transcending its naughtiest nature with a disarming taste of sweetness,” said The Washington Post while TV Guide described it as “a savage snark-fest in which two exhibitionistic misanthropes decide to hook up.”

Lightbox also offers the chance to rediscover Prime Suspect, with the box set of the ’90s Helen Mirren policewoman classic being available from March 8. It’s not been confirmed if these episodes have been remastered in HD for their Lightbox run (the complete collection was released on Blu-ray in the UK).

Also new will be:

  • The Goldbergs, S1-4, from March 21 (ahead of S5)
  • Suits: S7B, from March 29 (weekly)
  • Bates Motel: S5, from March 16
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: S9-12, from March 21
  • The Night Shift: S4, from March 22
  • Nori Roller Coaster Boy: S1, from March 23
  • High Road: S1, from March 30.
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