New to Lightbox in November

November is shaping up as Lightbox’s leanest month yet, with its star newcomer being a five-year-old US adaptation of a Nordic noir that lasted only one season.

Those Who Kill (November 1) stars Big Love’s Chloë Sevigny as a newly minted cop investigating gruesome murders in Pittsburg while wrestling with her brother’s disappearance and who suspects her stepfather is a serial killer.

The original Those Who Kill aired in 2011 and a belated sequel, Darkness: Those Who Kill, screened this year on Danish and UK TV.

Also “new” in November will be season two of the anthology drama The Girlfriend Experience (November 5).

It aired two years ago in the US and introduces a new cast of characters in a storyline set against the backdrop of the corrupting influence of dark money in the 2018 U.S. midterm elections.

Lightbox also will turn back the clock for S1 of the Guy Pearce detective thriller, Jack Irish (November 8), S6 of New Girl (November 5) and full box sets of Heroes (November 12), The Mick (November 15), 30 Rock (November 19), Bates Motel (November 20) and The Killing [US] (November 22).

New movies to rent will include Angel Has Fallen, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, Late Night, American Woman, Marias by Callas, Driven, Diego Maradona, MidSommar, Head Full of Honey, Mary Queen of Scots, The Intruder, Auqarela, The Philosophy of Phil, 10 Minutes Gone, Cross: Rise of the Villains, Maiden, Kursk, A Dog’s Journey and Green Book.

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