New to Lightbox in September

Lightbox will stream season one of the latest Stephen King series, Castle Rock, from September 13.

Next month it also will express from the US season two of The Good Doctor (weekly from September 25) and pick up season three of Hulu comedy Casual (September 5), season eight of Modern Family (September 19) and Rockies crime drama Tin Star (September 27), which originally aired on Three.

Castle Rock explores themes and worlds that unite King’s canon, including the infamous Shawshank Prison —  where a sinister, mostly mute man is being kept in a subterranean cage.

Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness), André Holland (American Horror Story), Bill Skarsgård (It), Sissy Spacek (Carrie), Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Jane Levy (Suburgatory) star.

“For King fans the world of Castle Rock will be inescapably familiar,” Entertainment Weekly said of the Hulu series. “Spending time here feels, in many ways, like coming home — with all of the excitement and dread such a visit entails.”

Rolling Stone said prior King knowledge isn’t required to follow or enjoy Castle Rock. “I’ve read/seen maybe a third of his books and their adaptations over the years, and I’m sure plenty of references sailed over my head as I watched Castle Rock. Yet the story always made sense.”

But the New York Times was less impressed: “Castle Rock is an original work (Mr. King is a producer) that borrows from his oeuvre.

“And while the series is ostensibly created for obsessive and newbie alike, the first episodes — heavy on atmosphere but weak on character — feel like the creators expecting affection for his past creations to do a lot of the work …

“Castle Rock — certainly well-acted and produced, with some striking set pieces — may work well for completists. But it isn’t so successful as TV.”

New movies to rent next month on Lightbox will include Ocean’s 8, The Bookshop, Tea With the Dames, The Man With the Iron Heart, Alex & Me and Daphne & Velma (September 5), Scooby-Doo and the Gourmet Ghost and Disobedience (September 12), Tag (September 19), and Tully, Hereditary, The Rider, Adrift and Duck Duck Goose (September 26).

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8 Responses to “New to Lightbox in September”

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    August 23, 2018 at 11:16 am

    Wasn’t Tully supposed to be available on Lightbox in August? Do you think 35,000 movies watched (10% of Lightbox subscribers have bought a movie) in the first two months (assuming the announcement was for the period to 30 June) is adequate given the level of promotional spend and cost to upgrade the platform?

  2. I watched the first few episodes of Castle Rock and zzzzzzzzzzzzz … there’s nothing that hasn’t been seen before.

  3. Yes, Tully originally was slated for August 22. Couldn’t even begin to comment on your second point, Mike, as I don’t know enough about the upgrade or its cost. But with subscriptions up 37% over the past year, to 355,000, Lightbox would seem to be well placed to capitalise on future growth with English Premiere League and Rugby World Cup.

  4. Ah yes. But is having another 95,000 non-paying customers actually a good thing? When is a free subscription actually a subscription? How many businesses crow that giving their product away to more than 350,000 people per annum as a good thing? Lightbox should be generating a quantum of revenue every month (and millions per annum) – yet it doesn’t rate disclosure in the financial release. There are plenty of tiny Revenue Generating Units that do get disclosed but Lightbox is sadly not one of them. Couple that with the loss of broadband market share and loss of mobile market share suggesting that Lightbox (and Netflix freebies for that matter) have been a dismal failure for attracting new customers or retaining existing customers. Lightbox has been a financial failure from inception and continues to be so.

  5. I see that Vodafone is giving 12 months free Netflix at present.

  6. Yes, but I think if you read the fine print it’s for SD plans only …

  7. Philip, I read the fine print as it being a 2 screen HD plan (Standard) but if you watch on your mobile its SD streaming only. If you choose another method/device to watch your Netflix then it could be in HD. See the FAQ on the page

  8. Thanks, Mike. I was relying on my ageing eyesight reading the fine print of the TV commercial.

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