New to Neon in January

Neon’s January slate is scarcely teeming with notable premieres but two stand out: True Detective: Night Country (January 15) and Belgravia: The Next Chapter (January 16).

The former hopefully will mark a return to vintage form, with Jodie Foster playing a cop investigating the disappearance of eight men in an Alaskan Arctic research station.

The latter, from Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey, The Gilded Age), is set in 1871, 30 years after the original.

It stars Ben Wainwright as the adult Frederick Trenchard, who’s grown up unhappily as the third Lord Granville, and Harriet Slater as Clara Dunn, a newcomer to London society.

Also new are the 2018 UK comedy Frank of Ireland (January 11), the Prime Video true-crime dramatisation The Thing About Pam (January 8), the 2022 NBC thriller The Endgame (January 26) and the latest seasons of:

  • Bump (S4, January 5)
  • Quantum Leap (S2a, January 14)
  • Real Time with Bill Maher (S22, January 20)
  • Law & Order: Organised Crime (S4, January 23).

New for the school holidays are Rugrats (S1, January 3), Nella the Princess Knight (S1-2, January 6), Ben 10 Ultimate Alien (S2, January 8), The Powerpuff Girls (S3, January 12), Steven Universe Future (S1, January 13), The Charlotte Show (S3, January 18), The Amazing World of Gumball Darwin’s Yearbook (January 19) and Class of 3000 (January 27).

Neon’s also dusting off S1-2 of Prodigal Son (January 24) and adding these movies:

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4 Responses to “New to Neon in January”

  1. I see Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh gave a million dollars to Wellington Free Ambulance. Having been a fellow patient I’m not surprised 😁

  2. I see Our Flag Means Death has been cancelled after S2. Not really much of a surprise, if you stomached the repetitive Rhys Darby whiny humour for all of S1 then you’d have been bitterly disappointed that the storyline becomes so boring in S2 that you wonder where the series is going. Now it’s obvious – to Davy Jones Locker.

  3. No tears re Flag but sorry to see Max’s not renewed Julia for S3. S2 was far more laboured than S1 but how often do we get to see a cast as vibrant as Sarah Lancashire, David Hyde Pierce and Bebe Neuwirth in a show as delightful and colourful as this?

  4. Re: Julia – a strong ensemble with an average storyline does not viewers make. At the end of the day it doesnt matter whether you have the highest production factors or strong cast or UHD quality or Dolby Atmos sound — if it doesn’t draw the audience, then the other stuff is redundant.

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