New to Neon in November

November is shaping up to be a vintage month on Sky’s streaming service Neon, with new seasons of Yellowstone, Dexter and The Great as well as the premiere of a survival horror starring Melanie Lynskey.

After waiting years to catch up with Yellowstone, Kiwis will be able to stream S4 of the Kevin Costner ranching drama express from the US, with episodes landing weekly from November 8.

The Dexter resurrection, New Blood, in which everyone’s favourite serial killer turns up 10 years later under a new name in small-town New York, will stream weekly from the same day while S2 of Elle Fanning’s Catherine the Great romp will premiere on November 20.

Yellowjackets (November 16) teams Lynskey with Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci in an “equal parts survival epic, psychological horror story and coming-of-age drama” about high school soccer players who survive a plane crash in the remote wilderness by forming savage clans and how they piece their lives back together 25 years later.

Also new will be the 2017 young William Shakespeare drama Will (November 1), S8 of The Flash (November 18), Kiwi documentaries Recovery 29 and A Mild Touch of Cancer (November 2), and the docu-series Dark Side of the ’90s (November 4) and VICE Versa: Crusaders (November 18), in which whistleblowers speak out about the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

New movies will include Shadow in the Cloud, Monster Hunter, The Witches and The Little Things.

Here’s the full November TV premieres slate:

Here’s the full November movie premieres slate:

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  1. Just wish Neon would sort of their Chromecast stream or lack of it issue with closed caption programs not streaming. Getting to the point I’ll go back to channel Usenet again.

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