New to Netflix in December

Original Series
Sweet Home: S21/12/2023Who’s knocking? A monster, a human, or a hybrid …?
Welcome to Samdal-ri3/12/2023Synopsis unavailable
Blood Coast6/12/2023As a vicious drug dealer tries to overtake Marseille, a rogue police captain welcomes a new recruit with an agenda of her own.
Analog Squad7/12/2023After learning of his estranged father’s sickness, his scheming son assembles a fake family to reunite with him.
I Hate Christmas: S27/12/2023Gianna is in love and ready to embrace the Christmas spirit.
My Life With the Walter Boys7/12/2023A teen moves in with her guardian’s big family in a small town.
High Tides7/12/2023Over a tense summer on the Belgian coast, wealthy friends faces adulthood’s harsh realities.
Single’s Inferno: S312/12/2023A new set of singles embark on a journey of love on a remote island.
167013/12/2023A quirky nobleman’s misguided quest to become Poland’s most famous figure.
Car Masters: Rust to Riches: S513/12/2023New faces join the Gotham Garage gang.
The Influencer13/12/2023An influencer rebuilds her reputation while navigating a cutthroat online scene.
As the Crow Flies: S214/12/2023Aslı and Lale continue to fight for their survival in a cutthroat media industry.
The Crown: S6 Part 214/12/2023Queen Elizabeth II reflects on her life and legacy while paving the way for her successors.
Yu Yu Hakusho14/12/2023A teen delinquent  is chosen as a “Spirit Detective” to investigate cases involving rogue yokai.
​Carol & The End of The World15/12/2023With a mysterious planet hurtling towards Earth, extinction is imminent and hedonism rife.
Yoh’ Christmas15/12/2023A single 30-year-old has 24 days to find a boyfriend to take home for Christmas.
Love is Blind Brazil: After the Altar20/12/2023Reunion special.
Cindy la Regia: The High School Years20/12/2023Before a San Pedro teenager can conquer the world, she must survive high school — and high society.
Like Flowers in Sand21/12/2023Synopsis unavailable
Gyeongseong Creature Part 122/12/2023In Seoul’s grim era under colonial rule, a monster is born out of human greed.
The Manny24/12/2023A rancher challenges a high-powered executive’s views of gender roles when he minds her kids.
Berlin29/12/2023Money Heist prequel in which Berlin plans one of his most ambitious robberies ever.
Original Movies
Christmas as Usual6/12/2023A biracial couple’s Indian roots and Norwegian traditions clash in a chaotic Christmas.
NAGA7/12/2023Synopsis unavailable
The Archies7/12/2023Set in 1960s India, when Archie and the gang try to save a Riverdale park.
Blood Vessel8/12/2023Six strangers fleeing a town devastated by oil pollution stow away on a mysterious ship.
Leave the World Behind8/12/2023A family’s getaway to a luxurious rental home is jeopardised by a cyberattack.
Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget15/12/2023A fearless band of chickens flock together to save their kind from an unsettling new threat.
Familia15/12/2023A family discusses the future of their idyllic olive farm over a meal.
Maestro20/12/2023Chronicles the lifelong relationship between Leonard Bernstein and Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein.
Taming of the Shrewd 220/12/2023Kaśka and Patryk’s romance gets tested when they suspect each other of cheating.
Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire22/12/2023A peaceful settlement on the edge of a distant moon is threatened by a tyrannical ruling force.
A Vampire in the Family24/12/2023A fainthearted ex-soccer player learns his brother-in-law is a vampire with world domination plans.
Thank You, I’m Sorry26/12/2023A woman alone during the late stages of pregnancy reunites with her estranged sister.

Original Documentary

World War II: From the Frontlines7/12/2023Through vividly enhanced archival footage brings WWII to life like never before.
Kevin Hart & Chris Rock: Headliners Only12/12/2023An unparalleled, behind-the-scenes look at their friendship and careers.
Under Pressure12/12/2023The U.S. World Cup Soccer team pursues their third consecutive title.
Se Eu Fosse: Luísa Sonza13/12/2023Brazil’s most polarising pop singer opens up about her love life, career, controversies and new album.
Face to Face with ETA: Conversations with a Terrorist15/12/2023Josu Urrutikoetxea, aka Josu Ternera, discusses his involvement in the terrorist group ETA.
Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare27/12/2023Synopsis unavailable

Kids & Family

Dew Drop Diaries: S24/12/2023Athena, Phoebe and Eden return to help their kids solve everyday problems.
Hilda: Season 37/12/2023A trip to see her great-aunt sparks Hilda’s interest in fairies.
Supa Team 4: S221/12/2023Mr. Magedzee searches for a cleaner, greener power source.
Pokémon Concierge28/12/2023 Synopsis unavailable

Netflix Comedy

Stavros Halkias: Fat Rascal5/12/2023Halkias skewers tech culture, air travel, sex — and himself.
Trevor Noah: Where Was I19/12/2023New stand-up special.
Ricky Gervais: Armageddon25/12/2023Taboo-busting comedy special about the end of humanity.

Licensed Highlights

Fisk: S2
Talk to Me
The Batman
Everything Everywhere All at Once
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