New to Netflix in September

The premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, the return of Narcos and Designated Survivor, a new true-crime doco series, a Jerry Seinfeld special and the latest network commission to bypass local broadcasters, The Good Place, starring Kristin Bell and Ted Danson, head Netflix’s September highlights.

Original Series

Narcos: Season 3 (1/9/2017)

The rules have changed in the aftermath of the bloody hunt for Escobar as the DEA turns its attention to his successors: the Cali Cartel.

Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light: Season 1 (1/9/2017)

A father and son develop a bond while playing the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV in this live-action series based on a true story.

BoJack Horseman: Season 4 (8/9/2017)

While BoJack wrestles with self-loathing and loss, Todd helps Mr. Peanutbutter run for governor of California and Diane gets a job at a hip blog.

The Confession Tapes: Season 1 (8/9/2017)

This true-crime documentary series investigates cases where people convicted of murder claim their confessions were coerced, involuntary or false.

American Vandal: Season 1 (15/9/2017)

When 27 cars are vandalized in his high school parking lot, bonehead Dylan Maxwell is the obvious suspect. But this is far from an open-and-shut case.

The Good Place: Season 1 (21/9/2017)

Due to an error, self-absorbed Eleanor Shellstrop arrives at the Good Place after her death. Determined to stay, she tries to become a better person.

Fuller House: New Episodes (22/9/2017)

With teen romance, family barbecues, a wedding abroad and (just maybe?) a brand-new baby, it’s shaping up to be the fullest summer yet.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: Season 1 (22/9/2017)

Comic Jack Whitehall invites his stodgy, unadventurous father to travel with him to odd locations and events in an attempt to strengthen their bond.

Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 4 (26/9/2017)

With a realtor and a rapper recently added to the list of housemates, the residents of Terrace House continue looking for love in paradise.

Big Mouth: Season 1 (29/9/2017)

A surreal animated comedy series from real-life best friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg explores teenage adventures in puberty.

Club de Cuervos: Season 3 (29/9/2017)

Isabel and Chava face fresh obstacles as they learn to work together as co-presidents of the newest iteration of the Cuervos soccer team.

Real Rob: Season 2 (29/9/2017)

Jealous of Patricia’s steady income, Rob tries new things that involve coffee, cat poop, almost dying and being nice to Jamie for a second.

Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip: Season 1 (29/9/2017)

Gear up for a fast-paced journey as celebrity chef and avid auto enthusiast Paul Hollywood takes in the cars and culture of France, Italy and Germany.

Original Weekly Episodes

Shooter: Season 2 (from 6/9/2017)

Though one battle is over, another one is just beginning for Bob Lee Swagger, who’s about to find himself in the middle of another dangerous plot.

The Good Place: Season 2 (from 21/9/2017)

In the wake of her suspicions about Michael and the Good Place being confirmed in last season’s shocking finale, Eleanor’s last-ditch endeavor to trigger her memory may not succeed after all.

Star Trek: Discovery: Season 1 (from 25/9/2017)

The iconic franchise returns with a fresh series, new characters and a new ship. Their mission: Explore new worlds, bring hope to a new generation.

Designated Survivor: Season 2 (from 28/9/2017)

With the conspiracy more alarming than ever, a fiery lawyer joins President Kirkman’s staff and Agent Wells forms an alliance with a British spy.

Original Film

Little Evil (1/9/2017)

In this horror-comedy, a recently married man who wants to bond with his stepson begins to fear that the boy is a demon.

#realityhigh (8/9/2017)

When nerdy high schooler Dani finally attracts the interest of her longtime crush, she lands in the cross hairs of his ex, a social media celebrity.

First They Killed My Father (15/9/2017)

An unflinching portrayal of the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror and genocide, from the view of a five-year-old survivor cut off from her family in 1975.

The Bad Batch (22/9/2017)

Banished to a wasteland of undesirables, a young woman struggles to find her feet among a drug-soaked desert society and an enclave of cannibals.

Our Souls at Night (29/9/2017)

Seeking a connection, a widow, Addie Moore (Jane Fonda), pays an unexpected visit to her Colorado neighbour, Louis Waters (Robert Redford), a widower.

Gerald’s Game (29/9/2017)

When her husband’s sex game goes wrong, Jessie — handcuffed to a bed in a remote lake house — faces warped visions, dark secrets and a dire choice.

Original Comedy

Marc Maron: Too Real (5/9/2017)

Battle-scarred comic and GLOW star Marc Maron unleashes a storm of ideas about meditation, mortality, documentary films and our weird modern world.

Fabrizio Copano: Solo Pienso En Mi (8/9/2017)

Chilean comedian, actor and director Fabrizio Copano performs a Netflix-exclusive stand-up set taped before a live audience in Buenos Aires.

Joaquín Reyes: Una y no más (8/9/2017)

Well-known for his celebrity impersonations, Spanish comedian and artist Joaquín Reyes stays in his own character for this new stand-up special.

Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster (12/9/2017)

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham brings his rude, crude and slightly demented posse of dummies to Ireland for a gleeful skewering of family and politics.

Jerry Before Seinfeld (19/9/2017)

In a special that blends live stand-up with a personal retrospective, Jerry Seinfeld returns to the New York comedy club that launched his career.

Original Documentary

Resurface (1/9/2017)

Following the story of a suicidal Iraq war veteran, this documentary explores how ocean therapy can help vets cope with physical and mental trauma.

Fire Chasers: Season 1 (8/9/2017)

During California’s 2016 wildfire season, firefighters risk their lives battling devastating blazes made worse by a years-long drought.

Strong Island (15/9/2017)

Yance Ford’s powerful documentary examines the racially charged murder of the filmmaker’s brother, his killer’s acquittal and the family’s response.

Time: The Kalief Browder Story: Season 1 (15/9/2017)

This series traces the tragic case of Kalief Browder, a Bronx teen who spent three horrific years in jail, despite never being convicted of a crime.

Original Series for Kids

LEGO Elves: Secrets of Elvendale: Season 1 (1/9/2017)

When the Goblin King kidnaps her sister, Emily Jones and her Elf friends head deep into a magical forest to save her. Based on the popular web series.

Spirit: Riding Free: Season 2 (8/9/2017)

Lucky and her pals enjoy new friends and fresh challenges, from lessons in trick riding and selfless giving to daring snowy rescues.

Greenhouse Academy: Season 1 (8/9/2017)

At this boarding school for young leaders, the students divide up into rival groups. But to conquer the challenges ahead, they’ll have to join forces.

VeggieTales in the City: Season 2 (15/9/2017)

The faith-based fun continues as Larry, Bob and the Veggie gang tackle new problems and explore new places, from the Wild West to outer space.

Project Mc²: Part 5 (15/9/2017)

The girls get to work on a new case when they uncover a scheme to steal a nanotechnology prototype from Space Inc.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Season 1 (29/9/2017)

Ms. Frizzle’s sister — voiced by Kate McKinnon — takes her class on a slew of wild science adventures in this update of the beloved animated show.

TV Highlights

Great Barrier Reef With David Attenborough: Event Series (1/9/2017)

Bananas in Pyjamas: Season 1 (1/9/2017)

West Coast Customs: Season 5 (1/9/2017)

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: Season 1-4 (2/9/2017)

Rick and Morty: Season 3: Episodes 6-8 (September 3, 17, 24)

Dragons’ Den: Season 13 (15/9/2017)   

Gotham: Season 3 (22/9/2017)

Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 (22/9/2017)

Heartland: Season 10 (30/9/2017)

Film Highlights

The Squid and The Whale (1/9/2017)

The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography (1/9/2017)

Mabo (1/9/2017)

The Last Shaman (1/9/2017)

What If (1/9/2017)

She’s Gotta Have It (1/9/2017)

I, Robot (1/9/2017)

Carrie (1/9/2017)

The Firm (1/9/2017)

Mickey Blue Eyes (1/9/2017)

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension  5 (2/9/2017)

Whitney: Can I Be Me (3/9/2017)

Daddy’s Home (6/9/2017)

Paddington (7/9/2017)

The Big Wedding (7/9/2017)

The Last Stand (7/9/2017)

Olympus Has Fallen (7/9/2017)

Dreamgirls (8/9/2017)

Disney’s Cinderella (8/9/2017)

The Notebook (8/9/2017)

Safe Haven (8/9/2017)

Children of Men (8/9/2017)

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (9/9/2017)

The Lone Ranger (13/9/2017)

Foo Fighters: Back and Forth (15/9/2017)

George Harrison: Living in the Material World (15/9/2017)

Lone Survivor (15/9/2017)   

Funny People (15/9/2017)  

Old School (15/9/2017)   

Wild Wild West (17/9/2017)

Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon (22/9/2017)

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (25/9/2017)

Gravity (28/9/2017)

Like Crazy (29/9/2017)

Captive (30/9/2017).

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    August 29, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    And with CBS set to takeover Channel Ten in Australia and launch CBS All Access the ability to watch Star Trek changes again … Will we see CBS buy MediaWorks to add another country to its growing media empire? And CBS All Access to launch in NZ????

  2. I’m picking NBC Universal to acquire MediaWorks because of their joint venture with Bravo, CBS may look at purchasing Prime if Sky gives it up. Interesting times in broadcasting.

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