New to Sky Box Sets in August


Sky Box Sets in August will showcase a mix of HBO classics and channel premieres, including City on a Hill and Succession.

Here’s the full line-up in order of their 7.30 nightly transmission:

  1. A Discovery of Witches S1
  2. Succession S1
  3. Treme S1
  4. Get Shorty S1
  5. Fargo S1
  6. Nurse Jackie S1-2
  7. City on a Hill S1
  8. Power S1
  9. Succession S2
  10. Treme S2
  11. Get Shorty S2
  12. Fargo S2
  13. Nurse Jackie S3-4
  14. Picnic at Hanging Rock
  15. Power S2
  16. True Blood S1
  17. Treme S3
  18. Get Shorty S3
  19. Fargo S3
  20. Nurse Jackie S5-6
  21. Sons of Anarchy S1
  22. Power S3
  23. True Blood S2
  24. Treme S4
  25. Barry S1-2
  26. Sharp Objects
  27. Nurse Jackie S7
  28. Sons of Anarchy S2
  29. Power S4
  30. True Blood S3
  31. John Adams.
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2 Responses to “New to Sky Box Sets in August”

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    July 10, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    Just wanted to say that Netflix has restored the highest bit-rates as they were before the pandemic! I as looking at The Witcher and it definitely looks nicer and sharper than the last few months.

  2. And about time! Thanks for the update, Fsmith. I’m without a 4K display at the moment and was wondering if the full bit-rates had been restored. Netflix’s gesture, and that of other streaming services like Amazon Prime and Disney+, was symbolic at best and utterly unnecessary in NZ, where Chorus reported traffic was always “well within” its network capacity (its last pandemic update was on April 3!). The only parties to benefit from the lower bit-rates were the streaming platforms, as they could charge full rates while enjoying lower bandwidth costs. If you’re interested, this UK insight is worth a read. Btw, kudos to Sky for maintaining their Neon bit-rates throughout.

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